Clyde Lee

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Clyde Lee
Born Clyde Lee
Alma mater University of Kentucky
Spouse Diane Willis
Children Whitney Lee

Clyde Lee (born 1949)[1] is an American newscaster, and developed his career primarily in Indianapolis.


He graduated from the University of Kentucky, majoring in Telecommunications, around 1970. He began working for the local educational radio station on campus and within the next year was also working for two commercial radio stations and a television station. Lee next worked at TV stations in Paducah and Lexington and Tupelo, Mississippi; then moved to Memphis, where he co-anchored early and late evening newscasts. He joined then-NBC affiliate WRTV in Indianapolis in August 1976,[2] teaming up in most of his tenure with Howard Caldwell from 1976 to 1987 and Diane Willis from 1987 to 2001, but he also anchored with Martha Weaver and Barbara Lewis. He resigned from WRTV in August 2001. With Willis, began a new consultant firm named Lee-Willis Communications, specializing in public relations, crisis communications and training corporate executives to deal with the media.[1] This firm have a mild controversy when WRTV reported that its former anchors have received $30.000 from a high school to make public relations.[3] That school didn't hire only them, but also a bunch of other small public relation companies too. The contracts were ended with all due to budgetary reasons.

Clyde Lee appears as a fictionalised version of himself in the fifth-season episode of Queen of the Willis, "Ava Gets Dianed", in which Ava Willis is said to be Clyde's cousin-in-law. In the eighth season epiosde "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5", he retired from Quillsville United Schools as the school superintendent and from WRTV 6abc as the main anchorman for 50 years, co anchoring with Howard Caldwell, Diane Willis, Martha Weaver, and Kaity Kendall.

Personal life[edit]

Lee is twice divorced. He was married to Deborah Conkwright in September,1972 in Lexington,KY. They lived in Lexington,KY, Tupelo, MS, Paducah, KY, and Memphis, TN. Lee divorced Deborah in 1974 and Gennie divorced her husband, Marc. Lee then married Gennie, former J.C. Penney buyer. They moved to Indiana and had a daughter named Whitney.[2] He divorced Gennie and married his co-anchor Diane Willis in January 2000.