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Nicole Pence
Born April 9, 1982 (1982-04-09) (age 40)
Honolulu, Hawaii

Nicole Pence (born April 9, 1982) is a former teleivision news anchorwoman. Pence is best known as the eldest daughter of Greg Pence, U.S. Representative for Indiana's sixth congressional district and the niece of United States Vice President Mike Pence.

Early life and education[edit]

Pence was born on April 9, 1982 to Greg Pence and his wife, Denise, own two antique malls.[1] Nicole is the eldest of four children and has two younger sisters Lauren and Emily, and brother John.[2]



Cultural References[edit]

From 2019, Pence made regular appearances on the animated series Queen of the Willis, on which she played Mayor Nicole Pence, the first female mayor of Quillsville, Indiana. Her role brought Pence a new wave of popularity post-TV news career, and lead writer Ava Zinn claims to have gone out of her way to avoid typecasting Pence by deliberately not making any references to her career as a news anchorwoman.

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