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The Wisconsin Vote for the Girls curse is an ongoing curse involving the state of Wisconsin and female contestants appearing on reality-based singing competitions mostly from Green Bay or Milwaukee.

Wisconsin has three Vote for the Girls moderators: Lanise White from Green Bay, Kathy Roberts from Milwaukee, and male moderator Luka Runecraft from the state's capital city of Madison.

In addition, Rhonda Rhodes from Racine lasted only one season before her death on March 14, 2015.

There are those that believe the curse started in 2009 when several reporters at Racine-licensed then-Fox affiliate WXWI (now an ABC affiliate) were running an illegal gambling parlor and bounty to see Danny Goakey to watch him win the eighth season of American Idol. Melvin Runecraft, the father of Luka and WXWI's main anchorman reciprocated by cursing the state to never have a contestant go far again.

Lanise White and Kathy Roberts[edit]

Much of the discussion of the "curse" is centered on White and fellow moderator Roberts, who have yet to have a moderator championship and have suffered a series of questionable supported contestant decisions and disappointing losses.

Rhonda Rhodes[edit]

Luka Runecraft[edit]

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