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Vote for the Girls (U.S.)
Season 6
Broadcast from July 11, 2014 (2014-07-11) – May 21, 2015 (2015-05-21)
Host(s) Ava Zinn
Record 4-2-1
Winning Moderator(s):
Losing Moderator(s)
Ava Zinn (Dancing with the Stars 19)
VFTG Victory(ies)
Jax Cole (American Idol 14)
Nick Fradiani (American Idol 14)
Sawyer Fredericks (The Voice 8)
Meghan Linsey (The Voice 8)
VFTG Moderator Save(s)
Valerie Rockey (So You Think You Can Dance 11)
DaNica Shirey (The Voice 7)
Make-Up Victory(ies)
Alfonso Riberio & Witney Carson (Dancing with the Stars 19)
Rumer Willis & Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars 20)
Riker Lynch & Allison Holker (Dancing with the Stars 20)

The sixth season of Vote for the Girls, also known as Vote for the Girls 2015 premiered on July 11, 2014 and ended on May 21, 2015. Ava Zinn and Holly Everman returned for their sixth season as did Kellie Rock and Kathi Jameson for their second. Four new moderators, Julia Passalt, Lanise White, Karly Ryder, Jr., and Kym Christian, signed on to replace Ariel Swaringen[1] [2] and Michelle Steele, both of whom died during the Spring cycle of the fifth season. However during the season, two new moderators, Kendra Ray and Rhonda Rhodes signed on to replace Kathi Jameson and Khayla Chow. The season is the first to have eight moderators. It is also the only season to feature Rhodes, Ryder, and Nermal Everman as moderator.

This season marks nine firsts in the site's history:

  • This season is the first to have a "Male Moderator Crew" that was scheduled for the following season, but due to the site's dismal record (as the site's only victory of 2014 was from the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars) and ratings plunge during the fall cycle (Ava Zinn posted on her Twitter page the site itself plunged as much as 61 percent on the site's YouTube channel compared to the same period in the previous season.) The male moderators, Leonard Lai and Clark Jones (both transgender males), unlike the main moderator panel (as they are all females and transgender females) make their Vote for the Girls picks while the Male Moderator's job is to make their Vote for the Worst picks and preventing a Vote for the Girls victory and offering a buyout to the moderator(s) to quit the respective competition before the program's results are revealed and Zinn will then inform the moderators of the Male Moderatror's "offer", the amount of which depends on the number of female contestants remaining in the competition, in exchange for not to continue with the competition.
  • Another addition was the "Moderator's Veto," which was first used before the So You Think You Can Dance season 11 finale to veto Valerie Rockey's loss to Ricky Ubela, who would have gave the site its first SYTYCD loss. The Moderators' Veto was used again before the The Voice season 7 finale to veto DaNica Shirey's elimination, which would have gave the site its second consecutive loss on The Voice following Shirey's elimination in the Quarter-Final (Top 8).
  • On the site's YouTube channel, the site posted Classic Vote for the Girls in place of The Voice Semi-Final and Final results due to no remaining females following DaNica Shirey's elimination.
  • This season is the first to have two victories (one male and one female) in the regular competitions starting in the spring cycle, as opposed to the last female standing format used in previous season cycles, due to Nick Fradiani and Sawyer Fredericks becoming the first male vocalists to be supported in the web site's history and eventually reaching the respective finales of both Idol and The Voice, of which Fradiani and Jax Cole became the web site's first dual Victories of American Idol (as well as securing Ava Zinn's tenth victory as moderator and the first moderator victories of Kymberly Alvaraz and Tracia Ward) while Fredericks is projected to win with Meghan Linsey the runner-up the eighth season of The Voice, securing Zinn's 11th victory as well as the second for Alvaraz and Tola--the latter of whom had her victory of Maneepat Molloy while Tola served on the Thialand adaptation when Molloy won Thailand's Got Talent and was imported to the American version since Molloy was a contestant on Rising Star.
  • On the fourteenth season of American Idol, Riley Bria and Daniel Seavey became the first male soloists as a pick for the site's female moderators on the Pink Team (Holly Everman, Kellie Rock, Lanise White, Thia Tola and Tracia Ward) while the transwomen on the Purple Team (Ava Zinn & Kymberly Alvaraz, Julia Passalt, Kendra Ray, and Rhonda Rhodes) had to choose him as either a Best of Worst or a Vote for the Worst pick. American Idol 14 winner Nick Fradiani became the first "Alex & Sierra" Idol pick as a Vote for the Girls pick for the site and chose him based on the fact that his girlfriend (Ariana Gavrilis, known as Yanni G) both auditioned separately yet present in the same room, marking the first time the website had supported a male American Idol contestant based on vocals and appearance alone (and was declared the web site's first male victory along with Jax Cole) in the case of Riley Bria and under the Alex & Sierra Rule in the case of Nick Fradiani.
  • It is also the first cycle in the web site's history where all of one team's Vote for the Worst picks (pink team) were eliminated before any of the opposite team's moderators, therefore female moderators on the Pink Team earned immunity after one week that occurred during the fourteenth season of American Idol and also the first season in the web site's history where all of Purple Team's supported contestants were eliminated before any of the Pink Team and/or Male Moderator Crew's therefore making it the the third straight American Idol season victory or Moderatrors' Save since the web site's fourth season.
  • This season is the first to officially declare a make-up victory (as well as the web site's only victory of 2014) from Dancing with the Stars upon the elimination of Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd. With the victory, the site snapped an 11-month losing streak.
  • Valerie Rockeyand Riker Lynch became the first supported contestants in the moderator's supported home state (Indiana and Colorado) to reach the finale.
  • Tracia Ward, Kymberly Alvaraz, Thia Tola, and Kendra Ray join Ava Zinn as the moderators that become the winning moderator in the first season. Peri Johnson would be the sixth moderator the following season.

Valerie Rockey and Sadie Robertson were declared the female winners of the eleventh season of So You Think You Can Dance and nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, respectively as both overall runners-up chosen by Ava Zinn (becoming the winning moderator for the 14th and 15th time with the 15th being the last as a solo moderator.) Alfonso Ribeiero was announced as the overall winner of the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars and Holly Everman becoming the winning moderator for the third (and final) time as solo moderator. Upon the eliminations of Reagan James and Anita Antoinette, DaNica Shirey was the last female on the seventh season of The Voice and Kellie Rock becoming the fourth winning moderator (making Rock the second winning moderator with a supported contestant from her home state after Ava Zinn). Jax, despite finishing third, was declared the female winner of the fourteenth season of American Idol with Tracia Ward becoming the fifth winning moderator while overall winner Nick Fradianai won American Idol making Ava Zinn and Kymberly Alvaraz the first winning duo moderator in the site's history with Alvaraz becoming the sixth winning moderator and Zinn extending her own record with her 16th win as most wins for a moderator on the site. Riker Lynch and Meghan Linsey were respectively announced as the overall runners-up on the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars and the eighth season of The Voice, respectively with the respective male and female victories and making Zinn and Alvaraz their second and third winning duo moderators in addition to Zinn becoming the winning moderator for the 17th and 18th time and Alvaraz becoming the winning moderator for the second and third time. Sawyer Fredericks and Rumer Willis were announced the winners of the eighth season of The Voice and the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars, respectively in addition to the respective male and female victories. Thia Tola and Kendra Ray respectively became the seventh and eighth winning moderators on the site, making it the first time in the site's history four of the five winning moderators (Rock, Ward, Alvaraz, Tola, and Ray) had won in their first season not counting Tola's imported victory from Thailand.

The site underwent a number of changes from the fifth season, including the addition of make-up competitions (as the site already followed So You Think You Can Dance since 2010) of SYTYCD officially being presented, as well as America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars in the event of a Vote for the Girls loss--the latter of which secured two of the web site's victories. The site also added Rising Star.

Changes from previous seasons[edit]

Season 6 Hosts

Season 6 Fall Cycle Moderator Panel

Kathi Jameson
Terminated 18 September 2014
Karly Ryder, Jr.
Terminated 12 November 2014

Season 6 Spring Cycle Moderator Panel

Kym Christian
(Duo moderator
with girlfriend Ava Zinn)

Michelle Steele, who had been a moderator since the fourth season, resigned on March 6, 2014 and later died on May 10, 2014 from injuries sustained in a car accident in Muncie, Indiana. Ariel Swaringen, who joined the panel at the start of the previous season as a condition of being the chief moderator of the UK version since that site's the first episode of the first series, died on March 22, 2014 from natural causes[2]. In January 2014, it was announced that Kellie Rock and Kathi Jameson would join the moderation panel while Khayla Chow filled in as guest moderator after Steele's resignation. Zinn, Everman, Rock, and Jameson were joined by new moderators Julia Passalt, Kym Christian, Karly Ryder, Jr., Lanise White, Tracia Ward, and Kendra Ray.

In September 2014, Ava Zinn announced that the site's web shows' opening round (on Rising Star) and quarter-finals (battle rounds and Knockouts on The Voice) have been dropped beginning with the seventh season of The Voice[3] Speaking on the change, she said "It [opening round and quarter-finals] was the one element of the site I wasn't happy with, and it looked too similar to what everybody else is doing."

These above changes all proved to be in place once the Dancing with the Stars 19 result shows began airing but were also accompanied by a number of other format tweaks. These additional changes most notably include the fact that the season will crown two victories in the event should a female win (typically a female winning the competition and a previous VFTG pick, or if two females (or two VFTG picks) are in the final two they are declared co-champions).

Prior to the conclusion of the fall cycle, Lanise White and Kendra Ray initially planned on leaving the panel to take a hiatus, but both had a change of heart and continued on for the Spring cycle as Rhonda Rhodes and Tracia Ward were brought in to replace Jameson and Ryder, respectively.

Notable events[edit]

Dancing with the Stars and America's Got Talent added as make-up competitions[edit]

Nick Fradiani and Sawyer Fredericks are the first VFTG Male Victories[edit]

This was the first season that the site used a "flexible pick" system, allowing the pink and purple teams flexibility in selecting supported male contestants, in order to feature the current front-runners and streaking contestants. This is because as late as the Top 6 of American Idol or the Quarter-Finals of The Voice, there are a number of the web site's supported contestants that have been eliminated or at risk of elimination (and a Vote for the Girls loss). This was implemented to prevent supported contestants that have been eliminated or at risk of elimination (and a Vote for the Girls loss) late in the competition, while at the same time allowing a male-female finale or Top 2 to rake in more victories off of the higher ratings from surprise, male contestants that more fans would enjoy watching.

Under the flexible-pick system, all of the male contestants in the affected weeks of the competitions tentatively had been supported by a male moderator on the red or blue team, except those classified under the Alex & Sierra rule, which during the American Idol auditions both the male and female contestant must be present in the same audition room. During the Auditions on American Idol, Zinn moved one male contestants (Nick Fradiani) as Team Ava & Kymberly's pick, and possibly one or more Zinn's Villains pick on the red or blue team to the Vote for the Girls pink or purple teams. During the last two weeks of the season, Zinn could move supported contestants as late as six days before the performamce show so that a majority of the Vote for the Girls moderators will be able to support a male or female contestants that has finale implications.

Discipline for off-set incidents[edit]

Holly Everman is arrested; enters rehab[edit]

Vote for the Girls moderator Holly Everman was arrested twice on April 10 and August 22 near her home in Castleton, Indiana on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) after failing field sobriety tests. Preliminary charges of DUI were filed against Everman, who was jailed overnight.[4] Everman entered a rehabilitation facility shortly after her release from jail on August 25.[5]

On September 9, 2014, Everman was charged with two misdemeanor counts in both incidents: operating a vehicle while intoxicated, which is a Class C misdemeanor in Indiana.

Prosecutors alleged Everman was under the influence of rage and was seeking revenge against fans of The Voice winner Josh Kaufman and noted an earlier online incident during the site's third season which Everman reportedly bullied a former classmate for her decision not to support Carly Rose Sonenclar. Given the charges it is likely that Everman will avoid any jail time. Everman's niece, Nermal, took over Everman's role while she was in rehab.

On September 10, 2014, Everman was sentenced to one year of probation during which she is forbidden from consuming or possessing alcohol and her driving privileges were revoked for a period of six months and 20 days. She will be subject to random drug testing as a condition of her probation. In addition, the judge stipulated that any subsequent OWI charge in a three year period will be treated as a felony. Ava Zinn initially suspended Everman for the remainder of the season and also levied a fine of $1,200,000. As a result, Everman had to forfeit her male moderator offer deal made in the Rising Star competition of $1,200,000. She was also forbidden from doing any media interviews or making comments related to the team on social media during the suspension.

On September 29, 2014, Ava Zinn announced on her Facebook profile that Everman will be returning for the spring cycle. But due to an appeal, Everman returned to the panel on October 27, 2014 after her suspension.

Kathi Jameson and Khayla Chow terminations[edit]

On August 3, 2014 Kathi Jameson called Jessee Kinch a "rapist" upon Alice Lee and Macy Kate's eliminations and accused Joshua Peavy "of Karen Hornsby's murder." This brought angry responses on the VFTG Twitter and Facebook pages.[6]Jameson then walked off the set muttering, "Fucking assholes" to state that it was merely a "heat of the moment" reaction.[6] Jameson later provided an explanation on the site: "Macy and Sonnet's elimination's was really downright ridiculous for me, and my posts of calling Mr. Peavy a dick and Mr. Kinch a rapist were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results. I'm sure that my fellow transwoman Ava will see that my posts were completely uncalled for and as a moderators of a well known site, sometimes being a misandrist or being sexist against males is good because Ava, Julia (Passalt), and I knew what it was like living as a male and as transgendered women that are passionate to keep ladies in the competition, you have to be sexist sometimes and you think girls suck, Ava will say you're a 'Girl-Hating Commie,' blow smoke in your face, likely beat the living shit of you, and ball-bust you in the nuts."

Then Jameson and Passalt got into a a physical altercation that took place on the Vote for the Girls set. KFMN-FTV, Passalt's former place of employment, posted (via KFMN's sister station WTOR CBS 41) a video of Jameson punching and dragging Passalt's body out of the set.[7]

Then upon seeing her pick of Lolo Jones & Keoikantse Motsepe were not saved on September 16, WTOR-FTV (channel 41, CBS) released footage on their 4:00 PM newscast (shown on WXXC-FDT, channel 47) from a camera inside the backstage area of Vote for the Girls set in which the assault took place. The video appears to show Jameson punching Passalt in the face causing Passalt to immediately fall to the ground, perhaps striking her head on a desk on the way to the floor, and leaving Passalt motionless. Then upon seeing Emily West was named runner-up to Mat Franco, Ava Zinn terminated Jameson's contract. Shortly thereafter in a Twitter post by Zinn, she also announced on September 18, 2014 that she also canceled the contract of Khayla Chow for her role after Chow shoved Holly Everman on April 10, 2014.[8]

Jameson and Chow appealed the termination on the grounds that a moderator cannot be disciplined twice for the same incident. Chow's father, Kristina Chow, and Jameson's mother, Alaina Jamesoon, requested that Zinn recuse herself from hearing the appeal (as she normally would under Aeverine Zinn Holdings' personal conduct policy) since she will be a witness in the proceedings.[9]

Khayla Chow had been slated to debut for the Spring Cycle and was replaced by Rhonda Rhodes and Kendra Ray replaced Kathi Jameson.

Chow died on October 21, 2014 after being shot by moderator Kym Christian.[10] Kathi Jameson would return to the moderator panel with the former Karly Ryder, Jr. (now Kathi's wife, Karly) the following season.

Kym Christian shooting incident and affair with Ava Zinn[edit]

On October 21, 2014, upon seeing the elimination of Brittany Butler on The Voice, the aforementioned video also saw Khayla Chow[8] and Chow's friend Victoria Glassering, attacked Kendra Ray and Kymberly Alvaraz during production, and Chow pulled a .45-caliber handgun. The gun battle with the four women then ensued, with Alvaraz suffering two gunshot wounds to her left leg. Christian then used her husband's .357 Magnum revolver and returned fire shooting Chow three times[10]. The incident startled Ava Zinn.

Kymberly Alvaraz was charged with involuntary manslaughter by a special prosecutor appointed by Governor Mike Pence on October 24, 2014 and Ray with assisting a criminal on October 25, 2014.

On October 27, 2014, Kymberly Alvaraz and Kendra Ray were placed on indefinite leave following the incident. Kymberly's daughter, Stephani Alvaraz; Kym's mother, Julie Christian; and several guest moderators filled in for Kymberly Alvaraz and Kendra Ray for the remainder of the fall cycle. Kendra Ray returned to the moderator panel on November 17, 2014.

Nearly a month after the incident, it was confirmed that Ava Zinn had successfully auctioned her virginity (that was announced on April 18, 2014) for a long term relationship to Alvaraz. It was reported that Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn had been in a sexual relationship when Kymberly Alvaraz travelled to NoSirGifts' offices in November 2010 (at the time, Zinn was then NoSirGifts President and Chief Executive and just finished the site's first season) and again in May 2014 (after Alvaraz's last KDNC newscast), which Zinn revealed in Alvaraz's criminal trial and during a segment of Vote for the Girls on January 2015. Zinn's Ebay listing was removed, and Zinn reportedly accepted Kymberly Alvaraz's offer of a three-year long-term-relationship deal with Zinn in 2015.

To avoid legal issues since the virginity auction is considered to be prostitution in Indiana and Zinn had raised issues when she made the virginity auction announcement on her own You Tube channel on April 18, 2014, Zinn suggested the event would have occurred in a Nevada brothel (where prostitution is legal in parts of that state). Kymberly Alvaraz and Ava Zinn reportedly consummated the transaction at Zinn's home in September 2014[11], with Zinn providing Alvaraz spermicide suppository and Zinn using a male condom. Alvaraz then took a morning-after pill the next day (Labor Day) as the sex, despite being protected, reportedly wanted to take additional measures[11]. Zinn also claims to have been inspired by Natalie Dylan and Elizabeth Raine, and Kymberly Alvaraz confirmed that she found herself attracted to Zinn and enjoyed the experience.

Kym's criminal trial was held at the Superior Court in Grant County, Indiana, that spanned from the jury being sworn in on November 24, 2014,[12] to opening statements on November 25, 2014, to a verdict on November 28, 2014.[11] [13] The case has been described as the most publicized criminal trial in Vote for the Girls' history.[14] Christian was acquitted after a trial that lasted more than a week. [15]

After three hours of deliberations on November 28, 2014, the seven man five woman jury rendered a not guilty verdict on all counts.[11]

Kymberly Alvaraz returned to the moderator panel as a solo moderator on December 1, 2014 and she joined Ava Zinn (as she and Zinn are in a relationship), resulting in the first duo moderator in any Vote for the Girls adaptation. Alvaraz also moved from the Pink team to the Purple team.

Ava Zinn is arrested for assault and disorderly conduct; placed on leave[edit]

On March 12, 2015 while rehearsing for a Vote for the Girls episode, just three hours before the start of the American Idol 14 Top 12 Result, while in negotiation to find a way to keep Vote for the Girls in production during a remodel of the Vote for the Girls set resulting in Zinn (and Alvaraz in addition to the VFTG staff) being displaced, and was not willing to have production interrupted, defending her moderator's contract. Zinn, irate, stressed that under the terms of Zinn's contract--as per Vote for the Girls moderator rules--have be promptly present on the performance (and/or results) night from 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) to its conclusion and record the site's presentation of the results show(s) night both at the home location of Aeverine Zinn Holdings, and cannot be interrupted, delayed, or joined in progress for any reason. Zinn insisted that she wanted to do a temporary transfer of the networks feed, resulting in no interruptions. Upon hearing this, Zinn said “I want this done the way I want to handle this with and ZERO INTERRUPTIONS!”, and during the comment, pounded three times saying, “ZERO INTERRUPTIONS!” and got into the official’s face as the available resolutions Zinn was offered did not meet Zinn’s standards and swearing at the official. Zinn was ejected and was initially given a one-show suspension and a year probation from NoSirGifts.[16] It was expected that Zinn's daughter, Samantha Zinn, would assume control of the web site during Ava's absence.

Then upon seeing her pick of Sarina-Joi Crowe was not saved, Zinn was shown allegedly hitting VFTG moderator Rhonda Rhodes under the chin to get her to make eye contact. Although Zinn didn't comment on the incident afterwards and has not yet done so, Rhodes, her wife (Tricia), and NoSirGifts President and CEO Jack Steele insisted that Zinn did nothing wrong and that she merely lifted Rhodes' chin and told her, "Hold your head up and don't worry about mistakes. Just vote for our picks." Rhodes commented, "She was trying to teach me and I had my head down so she raised my chin up. She was telling me to go out there and don't be afraid to make mistakes. She said I was being too hard on myself after Shi Scott and Lovey James were eliminated."

The following morning (on March 13), Ava Zinn was called into a meeting with her bosses (notably Jack Steele). She was told that if she had done anything other than what she did (Ava Zinn made it clear she was defending her duties as webmaster), NoSirGifts would have been at the mercy of Zinn's affiliates and Vote for the Girls would have been canceled.

Rule changes[edit]

Moderator Showdown and Showcase (continued from VFTG 2014)[edit]

The first Moderator Showcase was scheduled to air in the previous season between Michelle Steele, who the first Fall Moderator Showdown (following the victories of Alex & Sierra and Tessanne Chin) to compete with the first Spring Moderator Showdown (had Christina Grimmie and/or Jena Asciutto won The Voice 6 and/or American Idol 13 for the site's victory). Since Zinn called off the previous season due to the level of conflict with the American public deciding not to support VFTG picks of Christina Grimmie, Tess Boyer, Bria Kelly, Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin on The Voice as well as MK Nobilette, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson, Jessica Meuse, and Jena Irene (Asciutto) on American Idol, and keeping said female contestants out of the bottom group and would have resulted in an all-female finale on The Voice and American Idol, as well as Steele's resignation (on March 6, 2014) and death (on May 10, 2014).

Moderator's Save (#VFTGTwist on SYTYCD)[edit]

Another change in the VFTG format is the Moderator's Save, an element first used in Italy's Vota Femminili (Vote for the Girls (Italy)) and Rösta för Flickorna (Vote for the Girls (Sweden)).[17] The moderators were initially given the power to exercise a veto on two regular competitions (one in each cycle) and one make-up competition and spare the site from a Vote for the Girls Loss for that particular competition. This can only be invoked up until the finales of all competitions (initially the semi-finals of The Voice and American Idol in the regular competition or before the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, or Dancing with the Stars). If the Moderators' Veto is used in a make-up competition, the moderators will not get to choose any Vote for the Girls wild card or steal picks on The Voice nor American Idol because no victory nor loss is declared. The Moderator's Veto can only be used once per cycle and it must be unanimous. This was later changed

Additionally, because no loss is declared if the Moderators' Veto is used to spare the site from a Vote for the Girls Loss in the event should the last remaining female contestant is eliminated, none of the moderators will face a punishment for failure.

The new format change was revealed on September 3, 2014. The first recipient of the Moderators' Veto is Valerie Rockey, which allowed the site to finally declare its first (unofficial) victory of 2014 based on the dual-winner format previously used on the ninth and tenth seasons of SYTYCD. A second recipient was awarded to DaNica Shirey, of which Kellie Rock became the winning moderator by default on the seventh season of The Voice on November 25, 2014, and sparing the web site a loss upon Shirey's elimination on December 2, 2014. Two more recipient were awarded to Jax Cole and Nick Fradiani, the latter of which became the first male supported contestant in the web site's history to reach the fourteenth season finale of American Idol, with Ava Zin, Kymberly Alvaraz, and Tracia Ward becoming the winning moderators on May 6, 2015.

Special Episodes[edit]

The first non-competition episode of Vote or the Girls was Ava's Virginity Auction serving as the sixth season premiere episode on July 11, 2014. The episode revolved around the events involving the American Idol season 13 and The Voice season six competitions during and after the competitions aired with a new, specially-recorded interview with Holly Everman, Kathi Jameson, and Kellie Rock.

In a Twitter post by Ava Zinn on October 27, 2014, it was initially revealed that the opening credits will change for the following season[18]. The new introduction will contain, segments from the episode previewed rather than showing the past Victories and Notable Eliminations used in previous seasons, and a shortened version of the previous season's introduction, an introduction that was first revealed on the the Australian version of Vote for the Girls.

Following the elimination of DaNica Shirey on The Voice, the site looked back at previous episodes (or competitions) rebranded as Classic Vote for the Girls, some with a false All My Children-like theme and the opening sequence for Classic VFTG parodies the open of All My Children from 1990 to 1995 featuring past Vote for the Girls picks. These shows are interspersed with commentary from Zinn herself, usually before, during, and after the episode. The first Classic VFTG shows aired in August 2013 with the Duets competition because of over-the-air reception issues that spawned the 2014 Vote for the Girls conflict. The first such episodes aired on December 9 and December 16, 2014 with the respective American Idol 10 and 11 competitions in place of seventh season respective semi-final and final results of The Voice.

After the two Classic VFTG episodes aired, fans of the site speculated the opening sequence of the site's episodes on their YouTube channel would replace the past Victories and Notable Eliminations with the "falling pictures" of previous Vote for the Girls supported contestants.

In another Twitter post revealed by Ava Zinn, [19] it was initially revealed that there will be specials that was planned for the following season. The first such episode was the "100 Women Picked" Special that was dedicated to these viewers who had written to Ava Zinn with their stories on how the knowledge they obtained watching the site's YouTube episodes as well as the web site. In addition to the usual Vote for the Girls opening sequence (of which itself changed at the beginning of the Spring Cycle), a opening disclaimer will shown before the opening credits with the TV14 rating. Zinn's voice is heard saying:
"Vote for the Girls contains true stories of female contestants appearing on reality-based singing and make-up competitions. All of the voting calls and results you will see and hear are real. Whenever possible, the actual people involved have helped us reconstruct the events as they happened."

Male Moderator Crew: Leonard Lai and Clark Jones[edit]

This season is officially the first to feature Male Moderators who rotate from one competition to the next that were initially set to appear the following season. The Male Moderators are typically transgender males (F2M's/female-to-male trans) or males. The Male Moderators are given nicknames by Zinn herself and they, unlike the moderator panel (as they are all females and transgender females (M2F's)) make their Vote for the Girls picks while the Male Moderator's job is to make their Vote for the Worst picks (these are typically male contestants) and preventing a Vote for the Girls victory (such as seeing all female contestants eliminated), though the Male Moderator's pick segments are not shown due to agreements and restrictions. The Male Moderators are not allowed to participate in the Dancing with the Stars make-up competitions, yet allowed to participate in the So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent competitions.[citation needed] On December 2, 2014, Ava Zinn confirmed on Twitter Male Moderators on Vote for the Girls are[20]:

  • Leonard Lai — A trans man who appeared as anchorman on Terre Haute's WFAZ-FTV and WVTH-FTV. At WVTH, Lai was colleagues with fellow VFTG moderator Kellie Rock. Nicknamed "The Tantrum Transman".[20]
  • Clark Jones — A trans man who appeared on Dallas/Fort Worth's WDFW-FTV and hosted "The Texas Debate" on KJTX. Nicknamed "The Dark Beast." (Confirmed on January 9, 2015)

Moderator Standings[edit]

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT = Winning Percentage

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT = Winning Percentage

Moderator Panel (Pink Team)
Current Moderators
Tracia Ward 64 10 2 .842 12-0-1 .923 9-8-1 .500 64-10-2 .842 W3
Kellie Rock 65 22 2 .730 24-4-1 .828 31-6-1 .816 69-28-4 .683 L1
Thia Tola 50 34 3 .575 4-5-1 .400 16-20-2 .579 60-34-3 .690 W3
Holly & Nermal 18 16 0 .529 4-6-0 .400 11-7-0 .611 18-16-0 .529 W3
Lanise White 11 47 1 .186 3-11-1 .200 6-13-0 .316 11-47-1 .186 L6
Former Moderators
Holly Everman (solo) 22 10 2 .647 4-3-2 .444 16-3-0 .842 32-24-6 .516 W3
Nermal Everman (solo) 37 22 1 .617 7-4-0 .500 25-11-1 .737 37-22-1 .617 W3
Kym Christian (solo) 8 18 0 .308 2-7-0 .222 4-8-0 .333 8-18-0 .308 L2
Karly Ryder, Jr. 5 24 1 .167 0-16-0 .000 3-3-0 .500 5-24-1 .167 L4
Moderator Panel (Purple Team)
Current Moderators
Ava & Kymberly NOTE 91 41 1 .684 17-13-0 .433 25-23-1 .521 91-41-1 .684 W3
Kymberly Alvaraz (with Ava)
(solo, Pink Team record only) 69 59 3 .527 29-26-2 .501 21-22-1 .500 77-77-4 (solo)
99-59-2 (with Ava)
.487 (solo)
.619 (with Ava)
Ava Zinn (solo) 135 92 6 .579 30-21-4 .545 45-57-2 .433 149-105-8 .569
Kendra Ray 37 21 1 .627 22-11-0 .667 13-10-1 .542 37-21-1 .627 W1
Julia Passalt 16 44 3 .254 5-12-2 .263 7-24-1 .219 16-44-3 .254 L7
Former Moderators
Rhonda Rhodes 9 16 2 .333 1-10-1 .083 4-7-1 .333 9-16-2 .333 L3
Kathi Jameson 3 15 1 .214 2-6-1 .333 1-7-0 .250 5-19-2 .192 L6
Male Moderator (Blue Team)
Lawrence Hedrick 29 42 0 .408 20-4-0 .833 1-3-0 .250 29-43 .403 L1
Archibald Coolranch 7 33 0 .175 3-0-0 1.000 0-1-0 .000 7-33 .175 L2
Male Moderator
Leonard Lai 66 57 0 .537 1-2-0 .333 5-0-0 1.000 70-62 .530 L1
Clark Jones 18 30 0 .375 2-1-0 .667 2-0-0 1.000 18-30 .375 W1




Interruption of Dancing with the Stars[edit]

During the weekend of September 27, 2014, the show was nearly abruptly halted by two guests that would cause trouble. This was due to the fact that other commitments of Zinn's had to be fulfilled and according to Zinn's contract production of Vote for the Girls could not be rescheduled, stopped, or delayed for any reason, even weather delays. [21] Between the two, Ava Zinn decided not to upload the September 29, 2014 Dancing with the Stars result not because none of the moderators saw their picks get eliminated, but because of an ongoing dispute with what little sponsors Vote for the Girls has. Many viewers took to the internet and called Jack Steele to complain about the interruption. One viewer went too far and one Vote for the Girls moderator (Karly Ryder, Jr.) was booed off the set and her future on the site was put in jeopardy. Ryder as well as Zinn, subsequently received death threats from some viewers, and in one instance a viewer went too far and threatened to murder Holly Everman. Ironically, this incident happened thirteen years after VFTG creator Ava Zinn was dis-enrolled from Indiana Wesleyan University. Zinn has not confirmed or denied whether this had anything to do with the ongoing conflict at the time, the anniversary of Zinn's IWU dismissal or what would have been the 17th birthday of Thomas Zinn, Ava Zinn's son that died on November 29, 2006.

Karly Ryder, Jr. shoe incident[edit]

Upon seeing that Mia Pffirman was not saved by Adam Levine on November 12, 2014, moderator Karly Ryder, Jr. threw a pair of stiletto shoes across the set with the heels hitting two of Ava Zinn's daughters, Samantha in her left eye, and Tiffani in her right eye. Both Samantha and Tiffani were injured, and Zinn ejected Ryder off the set. Ryder was terminated two days later after the incident and Zinn pressed charges against Ryder, who was arrested for assault and attempted murder.

On November 17, 2014, Ryder was charged charged with two counts each felony aggravated battery and assault in the incident. Each count of aggravated battery and assault is a Level 3 felony in Indiana. If convicted, Ryder will face up to 40 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

On January 20, 2015, Ryder was found guilty one count of felony assault and upon conviction, will serve three to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Pink Team Moderators' Picks[edit]

After posting their picks, moderator Holly Everman was subject to much criticism, particularly on Twitter, over her Vote for the Girls picks. Everman posted on her Wordpress site defending her decision to allow Riley Bria and Nick Fradiani as VFTG picks. Fans compared Everman's picks were just as bad as Ava selling off her virginity the year before. She also defended the fact that the winning moderator of the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars, this entitled her and her fellow Pink team moderators allowing Riley and Nick as VFTG picks.

Facility Renovation[edit]

Before the beginning of the cycle, Ava Zinn, announced that a schedule conflict between Vote for the Girls and the renovations of the Aeverine Zinn Holdings facility was found, with the renovations and the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars began on the same day (March 16,) causing a dispute. Zinn brought Jackson Steele, CEO of NoSirGifts Venues, the company that syndicates the site, on stage to stress that under no circumstances that a cycle of Vote for the Girls is to be interrupted for any reason. As Steele exited the stage, a member of the audience threw a shoe at Steele, knocking Steele unconscious.

Lanise White comment[edit]

Upon seeing that her pick of Lovey James was not saved, Lanise White said "I hate this nigger country," right before the top 24 results were announced. White was ejected, but she received a standing ovation as she left the set, and the crowd quickly became hostile and dangerous. Fans went so far as to throw coins at the purple team moderators (Julia Passalt, Rhonda Rhodes, and Kendra Ray) after White's ejection. Ava Zinn was absent as she was dealing with the facility renovations, while Holly Everman recalled being scared to even vote because of the hostile crowd.

White apologized for her actions on March 7, 2015 and was given a suspension for her remark (effectively disqualifying White for the Voice and Dancing with the Stars) and received a 12-week suspension from NoSirGifts.

Dancing with the Stars 20 Purple team picks[edit]

After an audit of their their picks, Kymberly Alvaraz initially chose Chirs Soules & Witney Carson as her pick due to Carson's hometown of American Fork, Utah is located in the Salt Lake City market. However, Chris Soules' hometown of Arlington, Iowa is in the Cedar Rapids market, which is a secondary market of Team Kendra. Holly Everman, as the winning moderator for the previous season of DWTS, decided to allow the entire Purple Team (Teams Ava & Kymberly, Team Kendra, and Team Rhonda) to allow Chirs Soules & Witney Carson as pick.

Episode Delays[edit]

Follow the arrest of Ava Zinn, fans of the web site began to complain about the web site's inability to post the episodes' result programs on the web site's YouTube channel but voting info being posted on the web site.

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