Khayla Chow

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Khayla Chow
Born Khayla LeighAnn Chow
(1991-06-01)June 1, 1991
Houston, Texas
Died October 21, 2014(2014-10-21) (aged 23)[1]
Marion, Indiana
Cause of death Gunshot wound to her head from Kym Christian shooting incident
Years active 2010-2014
Criminal charge Violating a restraining order[1]
Parents Kristina Chow (father)
Charlene Chow (mother)

Khayla LeighAnn Chow (June 1, 1991 - October 21, 2014 [1]) was an American feminist that rose to fame on the UK version of Vote for the Girls.

Early Life[edit]

Chow was was originally from Houston, Texas. Chow was born to Kristina and Charlene (nee Ford) Chow. Her father, Kristina, is a popular anchorwoman at KTEX/KEMN. Chow attended Westfield High School and graduated in 2009.


Vote for the Girls moderator[edit]

It was announced on April 30, 2014 that Khayla Chow was confirmed as a moderator of Vote for the Girls, in addition to her duties on the UK version of the site. Chow's moderator panel role on Vote for the Girls UK have made her a much-sought after commentator on national television and radio programs that led to her hiring on the American version of Vote for the Girls. She was the daughter of Houston anchorwoman Kristina Chow, a transgender woman.

Khayla was noted for initiating violence in two on-YouTube fights in the middle of results shows in 2014[2]. The first in the midst of an argument over Malaya Watson's elimination on American Idol's thirteenth season during an episode of the original American version of Vote for the Girls, Chow shoved Holly Everman to the floor after Everman called Chow an "bi-black bimbo". Later that year, Chow was in a scuffle on The Ey3King Show with an unknown notable Miley Cyrus fan. The skirmish started after the fan called Chow a "bigot".


On October 21, 2014, nearly a month after she was fired as moderator of the U.S. and UK versions of Vote for the Girls after a disagreement with Vote for the Girls moderators Nermal Everman, Kellie Rock, Kym Christian, Lanise White, and Kendra Ray. Upon learning that her picks of Clara Hong, Mayia Sykes, and Brittany Butler were not saved on the seventh season of The Voice, Chow waited in the parking lot outside the Aeverine Zinn Holdings Studios with her friend Victoria Glassering. Chow attacked Ray and Christian (whom themselves were involved in an argument the day earlier) and Chow got out and pulled a .45-caliber handgun. A gun battle ensued, with Christian suffering two gunshot wounds to her left leg. Christian then used a .357 Magnum revolver and returned fire shooting Chow three times, killing Chow. [1]


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