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Queen of the Willis (season 7)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 34
Original channel First-run Syndication
Original run March 1, 2019 (2019-03-01) – November 15, 2019 (2019-11-15)
Season chronology
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Season 6
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Season 8

List of Queen of the Willis episodes

This is a list of episodes from the seventh season of Queen of the Willis.

Queen of the Willis had been canceled by ATE Media in 2007 due to low ratings and by NoSirGifts in 2012 due to low ratings and a windstorm, but was revived by United Brioadcasting after reruns on NoSirGifts-owned independent stations became their station's most-watched program, and more than three million YouTube views of the show were sold. "Ten Years to Life" was the first episode to air following the series' revival and move to United Broadcasting though most NoSirGifts-owned stations picked up the revived series.


The show was first canceled after the 2006–2007 season by ATE Media, but following a last-minute reprieve by NoSirGifts, it returned for five more seasons. In 2012, Queen of the Willis was canceled by NoSirGifts after six seasons due to a windstorm and low ratings.[1] NoSirGifts tried to sell rights for reruns of the show, but it was hard to find networks that were interested; NoSirGifts-owned independent station (and flagship station) WXXC (channel 47, known locally as "INNCD 47" and has since rebranded to "CBS 41 Plus") in Fort Wayne eventually bought the rights, "[...] basically for free", according to Jackson Steele of NoSirGifts.[2] When the reruns were shown after INNCD 47 Action News at 10:00pm (now CBS 41 10:00pm Action News) in 2013, Queen of the Willis became the station's most-watched show with an average 90,000 viewers per episode in the Fort Wayne market. The show's popularity in both YouTube views and reruns kindled United Broadcasting's interest.[1] They ordered 38 new episodes in 2018, marking the first revival of a television show based on YouTube views sales and the third after Family Guy and Futurama.

Creator Ava Zinn wrote the season premiere "Ten Years to Life" and "The Rape of Heather Willis".

"Ten Years to Life" was the first episode to be broadcast after the show's cancellation. It was written and directed by Ava Zinn. Zinn believed the show's six-year hiatus was beneficial because animated shows do not normally have hiatuses, and towards the end of their seasons "... you see a lot more LGBT jokes and (bodily function) jokes and signs of a fatigued staff that their brains are just fried".[3] With "Ten Years to Life", the writing staff tried to keep the show "... exactly as it was" before its cancellation, and did not "... have the desire to make it any slicker" than it already was.[3]

Broadcast history[edit]

The seventh season premiered on March 1, 2019 and ended on November 15, 2019 and consists of 34 episodes.


No. in
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Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
157 1 Ten Years to Life

Ava Zinn Ava Zinn

March 1, 2019 (2019-03-01)
Deanna Willis, now married to her wife Brandi Souza, moves in with Deanna's parents, Ava and Angie Willis and Deanna's siblings (Ron, Brian, Stuart, Emilie, Hillary, Luanne, and Brynn). Deanna initially claims she returned to care for her aging parents and younger siblings but eventually admits to losing her job in Indiana. She reunites Angie with her sister, Laura Donaldson, after their year-long feud over the tenth season of The Voice and Angie's support of Alisan Porter. However, Ava and Angie's marriage has lost its spice because of Ava calling several female singers' names while having sex, Ava and Angie decide to go to Feathersox held at Babyface High School rather than a second honeymoon. They discover and attempt to destroy a copy of Karly Jameson Sings, and run afoul. As they are about to leave, Avril Lavigne discovers that Angie has replaced the film with cat feces, leading to a chase. Lavinge eventually falls off the building, and Ava and Angie have lesbian intercourse at the top of the building and put the spice back in their marriage. Meanwhile, when Karly Jameson arrives in Quillsville for Feathersox, Heather, Tabby (formerly Rags, who quietly underwent a sex change), and Shushu fail to impress local business owners, Heather, Tabby and Shushu then attempts to reveal their corruption to Zach Mullins, but Zach rejects this and gets even as he recognized Tabby before her transition and is the dog that bit Zach's leg, bit off Gene Cox's legs, and bit off Ken Owen's feet.
Guest stars: Kathi Jameson, Melvin Runecraft, Josh Kaufman, Crystal Gayle, Crystal Bowersox, Jena Asciutto, Nick Fradiani, Avril Lavigne, Alisan Porter and Kassie DePaiva
158 2 The Story of Melissa's Mother

Alexandra Moffitt Luka Runecraft

March 8, 2019 (2019-03-08)
Bill Rose returns to Quillsville where they visit Ava, Melissa, Tiffani and Pamhouser. They are surprised by Bill's heterosexual mannerisms (despite transitioning from female to male), however, and after Melissa invites Ava and Angie to the Cowboy Ball to be held in her mother's honor, they begin arguing over the issue. Melissa confronts Bill, and her mother states that he has scheduled a sex change with Melissa to complete his transition to male. The surgery is a success. That night, Bill, Melissa, Stephanie, and Connie join the Willis family for dinner. Melissa becomes frustrated when the conversation turns towards Bill's surgery, and suddenly storms out of the room. At Melissa's home, she tells Bill that she has dealt with her own change, but having trouble dealing with the change. Saddened, Bill leaves his transgendered daughter's home and decides to stay at a nearby hotel. There, he meets Heather, and after several drinks, Heather sleeps with Bill which drives Melissa into rage. Meanwhile, Tabby and Shushu goes to a local restaurant, which Tabby eats a 10 pound pizza in 9 minutes 47 seconds. Shushu meets Garfield Arbuckle (although she does not realize this until they wake up in bed that afternoon). Against Shushu's wishes, Tabby leaks the relationship online; this results in a media circus and the claim that Garfield is a "dumb fat cat". Attempting to break off the relationship, Shushu realizes that Garfeild is an accomplished man. Shushu becomes even more uncomfortable with the relationship, comparing herself to Garfield.
Internet Hell Comes to Quillsville

Holly Everman Holly Everman

March 15, 2019 (2019-03-15)
March 22, 2019 (2019-03-22)
March 29, 2019 (2019-03-29)
In this supposedly-lost episode from 2010, After Angie fails to pick up Tom from the skating rink, he demands that Angie and Ava allow him to buy a car. Despite Tom showing an interest in a station wagon, Angie uses his money to buy a military tank. After she repeatedly uses it to destroy objects in the neighborhood, Tiffani Donovan impounds it. Meanwhile, a new shop is being built, Treijer (a parody of Meijer and Target). When it opens, Quillsville begins to suffer from frequent power outages, due the store's increasing demand for electricity. Small businesses in the town also begin to go out of business. After looking for a job, Tom is employed by the store, despite Angie leading protests outside. When Angie is persuaded by the store to become an employee, Heather decides to destroy the store. She obtains the tank and, alongside Tabby (then Rags) and Shushu, destroys the store from the inside out, and regular living circumstances are restored to the town.
162 6 The Rape of Heather Willis, Part 1

Ava Zinn & Karly Jameson Story by : Nancy Boyd
Teleplay by : Ava Zinn

April 5, 2019 (2019-04-05)
Several different plots mesh together in this four part episode: The Willis family struggles to help Heather after she is date raped by a former classmate of Deanna's at Babyface High School and interning at Craven Gifts. Tiffani does not think they can get a conviction because the man's wife has given him an alibi. Ava, Angie, and Deanna tries to control their anger – until the man returns to intimidate Ava and Heather. And Lilly Rush, with Ava's help tries to convince the wife to tell the truth. Ava obtains DNA evidence from three possible suspects after Deanna reveals she was also raped by a female classmate later revealed to be the sister of a deadbeat Craven Gifts customer named Horatio Cruz, Quillsville Police not only investigate Heather's rape, but also reopen Deanna's 2008 rape case. An empowered and a pregnant by rape Heather then gets revenge and kills her own rapist.
163 7 The Rape of Heather Willis, Part 2

Ava Zinn & Karly Jameson Story by : Charlotte Clay & Thomas Higgins
Teleplay by : Ava Zinn

April 12, 2019 (2019-04-12)
Several different stories mesh together in part two of this four-part episode. Lee Kelso steps down as mayor. Quillsville Police are investigating several rapes committed against women (including Heather), transwomen (including Deanna), and transmen (including Lando). Tiffani is accused of entrapment when she busts Tina Craven in a prostitution sing operation. A concerned Trevelle visits Ava at Craven Gifts as Lando and Lilly were murdered.
164 8 The Rape of Heather Willis, Part 3

Ava Zinn & Karly Jameson Story by : Dallas Barnes
Teleplay by : Ava Zinn

April 19, 2019 (2019-04-19)
A sleepless Ava is patrolling Evansville Road after Angie, Deanna, and Heather from the Quillsville Serial Rapist known as "Fat Bigfoot Bobcat", of which Quillsville Police is investigating. Elaine Reed's boyfriend, Justin, kicks her out of the house and hits QPD, Craven Enterprises (owners of Fox 11, Indiana's 40, Craven Gifts, Sweetheearts Restaurant) with a massive and humorous lawsuit, claiming their marriage was failing because of Elaine's "unusual appetite for sex," despite Officer Dailey, Lieutenant Jeffries, and Police Captain Hunter are the only males in the QPD. Lilly and Tiffani's investigation of a missing transman uncovers a cult, led by the recently resigning Mayor Kelso. Along with the QPD, Ava, Melissa, Tiffani, and Pamhouser conduct a stakeout in an attempt to catch "Fat Bigfoot Bobcat", but he outsmarts them and nearly claims Heather as his next victim.
165 9 The Rape of Heather Willis, Part 4

Ava Zinn & Karly Jameson Story by : Dallas Barnes
Teleplay by : Ava Zinn

April 26, 2019 (2019-04-26)
Tifani's fight to challenge her entrapment accusation uncovers corruption at the hands of Jennalee McHugh, the QPD commander-in-chief who subsequently resigns amid the controversy. Lando is murdered by a member of Mayor Kelso's cult. Mayor Kelso is arrested by Tiffani. Elaine Reed's boyfriend drops his lawsuit and he and Elaine reconcile. Todd Unger, known as "Fat Bigfoot Bobcat", is placed under citizen's arrest by Ava after he beats and nearly rapes her and Heather. Angie takes her own course of action against Todd Unger and reveals to Ava that Todd had bullied Angie over a 45 year period while Sheena Unger, the husband of Todd Unger, kills Tiffani and wounds Pamhouser instead (Tiffani is the first female Quillsville Police Officer to be killed in the line of duty as well as the first police officer death in Quillsville's history in 175 years)
166 10 The New Mayor in Quillsville

Amanda Bearse Karly Jameson

May 3, 2019 (2019-05-03)
Ava encounters Quillsville's new mayor, Nicole Pence. Seeking a bond with someone famous out of sheer ego, Ava tries to befriend her. During a late-night dinner, Ava accidentally confides in Pence that she is a former porn star. Pence promptly reveals this on the news the next day which turns Ava into a pariah and enrages her. When Ava confronts her, Pence reveals she's an ex-classmate of Ava during her days as a high-school football and basketball player and that revealing her secret was part of a deep-seated grudge she had on Ava because of a terrible prank she played on Pence in high school. Ava becomes depressed leading Heather to try and pull her out of it. Eventually, Ava decides to publicly admit her mistake during a church sermon and eventually win the town's approval back and completely infuriating Pence and has an affair with Ava and is caught by Angie. The episode ends when Pence is seduced by Angie, and has sexual intercourse with her as well.
167 11 Back Home Again in Utah

Amanda Bearse Nadine Cole

May 10, 2019 (2019-05-10)
During a party Angie Willis accidentally steps into Brynn's time machine (mistaking it for a bathroom), forcing Heather, Tabby, Shushu and Brynn to take a return pad and go after her. They find Angie in a Salt Lake City synagogue, thinking she is in heaven since she sees dead family members there. They soon realize the date is July 4, 1970, the day Angie Willis is born. The return pad breaks and they decide to go to California, where it will be safe to repair it. In California, Brynn realizes that the return pad is out of uranium fuel and Heather suggests they find some in a nuclear-testing facility in San Francisco. At the facility Brynn disguises herself as a chemist; Angie, Heather, Tabby and Shushu disguise themselves as members of NWA, and obtain the needed uranium. They then encounter the NWA members (who orders their execution), but they escape on the return pad back to their own time and arrives back in Brynn's room 30 seconds before Angie entered the time machine. To keep these events from repeating, Brynn kills the version of Angie who traveled with them.
168 12 A Quillsville Under Suspicion

Season Atkins Story by : Sunil Nayar & Barry O'Brien
Teleplay by : Alexandra Moffitt

May 17, 2019 (2019-05-17)
Quillsville Police and Craven Gifts employees must race against time when all evidence in a murder case points to Ava. When a murdered man, known as Glenn Turner, is discovered, Ava admits that she and Angie was seeing him and that Ava was the last person to see Glenn alive. Although the evidence logically points to Ava as the killer, Quillsville Police CSIs must now dig deeper to find the real killer and learn who would have the motive and the method to frame Ava.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
It's a Camp Trap!

Michael Simpson Ava Zinn & Fritz Gordon

July 12, 2019 (2019-07-12)
Angie retells the story of Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers.
Serves Me Right for Giving Plasma to Frank O'Bannon

Amanda Bearse Story by : Tim Croston & Chip Hall
Teleplay by : Samantha Zinn

August 16, 2019 (2019-08-16)
August 23, 2019 (2019-08-23)
Ava receives a special delivery of her deceased mother's personal belongings (as well as custody of Ava's kid sister, A.A), including a list of bizarre final requests – one of which calls for Ava to vandalize a now-occupied plasma donation center that formerly housed a restautrant once used by Frank O'Bannon.
Note: First appearance of Mandy Willis
175 19 Willis Identity

Samantha Zinn Story by : Tom Devanney, Ann Donahue & Ildy Modrovich
Teleplay by : Karly Jameson

August 30, 2019 (2019-08-30)
When Quillsville Police and the team at Craven Gifts find a deadbeat customer swallowed whole and killed by a gigantic snake, they uncover a covert prescription smuggling operation and Melissa's house is raided. Evidence leads Ava and Melissa to a drug smuggling operation where large snakes are suspected of being used to bring illegal prescription drugs into the country to avoid detection by customs. However, when Ava finds that Horatio Cruz, a nemesis of Ava's who hides behind his diplomatic immunity, may be behind the operation, Ava, Melissa, and Quillsville Police must find a legal way to put the criminal behind bars. Meanwhile, Josh Kaufman returns after being locked in a crate to seek revenge against Angie by stealing her identity and by law takes over as female head of the Willis household and forces Angie off her own property. To reunite with her family and save them from Josh's abuse and manipulation, Angie decides to steal Josh's identity and pose as him, where she offends the country to obliterate his career and image.
Most Likley Dangerous

Samantha Zinn Marla McClinton & Eboni Hill

September 13, 2019 (2019-09-13)
September 20, 2019 (2019-09-20)
(Part 1): Ava, Adrienne and Rush investigates the murder of a Quillsville probation officer and soon comes to believe that the chief suspects in the crime may be the four children Ava never knew she had prior to Angie. To confirm her suspicions, she hires Melissa to investigate the boy's background. Later, a prison guard's wife is kidnapped and held for ransom.
(Part 2): After Breeanna, Stan, Dominique, and Dylan goes missing when a prison transport is attacked Ava must find them. Upon learning of the identites of Stan, Dominique and Dylan he is targeted in order to get at Lt. Caine, who must find him before it is too late. Tripp also gets into trouble when it is suspected that he shot a deaf woman as the prisoners escaped. Meanwhile Ryan causes tension with his former colleagues when he is hired as an expert witness for the defense.
  • First appearance of Breeanna Sellars, Stan Hicks, Dominique Hicks, and Dylan Porter
Timing of the Retailing Essence

Samantha Zinn Karly Jameson & Season Atkins

September 27, 2019 (2019-09-27)
October 4, 2019 (2019-10-04)
October 11, 2019 (2019-10-11)
October 18, 2019 (2019-10-18)
(Part 1): A gunman attacks the Craven Gifts and holds four people hostage. Ava is to serve as the negotiator, where the gunman has a rather unique request in exchange for the hostages.
(Part 2): Quillsville Police investigates a murder that happened during a merchandise heist. However, things get complicated when evidence is stolen from the lab and Adrienne Fansler returns to Craven Gifts.
(Part 3): When a father is murdered, the Craven Gifts invetigators uncover his family's dark past, while Adrienne continues her undercover mission. At the end of the episode, Adrienne Fansler is about to hand his evidence to the DA Pia Yoque, when an explosion by his car kills her husband and knocks Adrienne to the ground.
(Part 4): When Heather's ex-boyfriend (identified as John Moffitt) is killed in an explosion, Quillsville Police and the team at Craven Gifts looks within their own departments to find the killer. The team at Craven Giffts is uneasy as Adrienne returns to do some undercover investigation and evidence leads to the discovery of stolen merchandise in Jane Jill's house. They must find the real culprit and exonerate Jane Jill before things get out of hand.
The Old Age Honeymooners

Samantha Zinn Kendra Ray, Donna Doogan, & Tim Doogan

November 1, 2019 (2019-11-01)
Ava’s father announces he is marrying his longtime boyfriend, Clyde Claussen. Soon after, the newlyweds celebrate by purchasing an RV and heading to Ava's. When Ava's dad and new stepmother, Finola (voiced by Finola Hughes have a heated argument, he takes off with the RV and Ava is left to rescue her father once again.
184 28 Revenge of the Male Anchors 4

Karly Jameson Story by : Ava Zinn
Teleplay by : Eboni Hill

November 8, 2019 (2019-11-08)
Tabby and Shushu attack Scott Swan.
And Now There Are Fewer

Alexandra Moffitt Story by : Agatha Christie
Teleplay by : Rachael Passalt & Kendra Ray

November 15, 2019 (2019-11-15)
The residents of Quillsville are invited over to a honorary dinner at Josh Kaufman's mansion, but as Josh Kaufman and other residents are murdered, everybody starts scattering around the house to find the killer.



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