Back Home Again in Utah

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"Back Home Again in Utah"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 11
Directed by Amanda Bearse
Written by Nadine Cole
Production code 711
Original air date May 10, 2019
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"The New Mayor in Quillsville"
Next →
"A Quillsville Under Suspicion"

"Back Home Again in Utah" is the eleventh epiosde of the seventh season of the animated comedy-drama series Queen of the Willis. It originally aired on first-run syndication in the United States on May 10, 2019.

In the episode, Angie accidentally goes into Brynn's time machine that Tabby and Shushu built and is sent to Utah on July 4, 1970. Brynn, Heather, Rags and Tabby realize Angie has gone back in time, and go in the time machine to save Angie.

"Back Home Again in Utah" was written by Nadine Cole and directed by Amanda Bearse. It received positive reviews from critics for its storyline and its many cultural references. The episode guest stars Bob Donaldson as himself, Devin Martin as Easy-E, Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and MC Ren as themselves.

Plot summary[edit]

While the neighbors are watching The Voice at the Willis' house, Angie needs to use the bathroom so desperately that she runs into what she thinks is a portable toilet in Brynn's room. The "toilet" turns out to be a time machine, and Angie is sent to the past. Realizing that Angie does not have a return pad that would be able to bring her back to the present, Brynn, Tabby, Shushu and Heather take one of the return pads and go back in time to save Angie. They end up in Utah and find Angie in a Mormon chuch. She believes she is in Heaven as she sees dead family members there. It does not take long for them to realize that the date is July 4, 1970, the day Angie is born to Lisa Shanks and Bob Donaldson.

The five cannot return to the present right away since the "return pad" to Brynn's time machine fails to activate. They decide to go to Salt Lake City. While attempting to cross the Nevada/Utah border, members of the rap group N. W. A. find out that Angie is a Mormon-turned-Catholic, resulting in their being chased by N.W.A. Angie, Tabby, Brynn, Shushu and Heather make a getaway on a motorbike. The chase scene on the motorbike re-enacts the skateboard chase scene in Back to the Future. Like Biff, N.W.A.'s car ends up slamming into a manure truck. The five make it to California safely as Brynn examines the return pad and discovers it has run out uranium fuel. Heather states that the only place they can find the needed uranium in this time is at a "secret" nuclear testing facility in Los Angeles. After finding the nuclear research lab, Tabby disguises herself as Governor Jerry Brown while the other four disguise themselves as Army Officers, and obtains the needed uranium. They then run into the real Governor Brown, who orders their execution, but they escape on the return pad back to their time (Brown offered to spare them if they performed a charming musical number, but Angie cuts the eager Tabby, Shushu and Heather off at the first line).

The group arrives back in Brynn's room 30 seconds before Angie originally entered the time machine. To keep Angie from ever finding out about her time machine, Shushu kills the Angie that traveled with them by shoving her into the time machine and then blowing it up. The original Angie then enters the room and, now lacking the time machine "toilet" and seeing Brynn, Tabby, Shushu and Heather in uniforms, soils herself instead.


"Back Home Again in Utah" is the eleventh episode of Queen of the Willis´ seventh season. It was written by Nadine Cole. The episode was directed by series regular Amanda Bearse.[1][1] In addition to the regular cast, Bob Donaldson reprises his role as himself, Devin Martin as Easy-E, Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, MC Ren and Ice Cube. This marks the second appearance of Ice Cube, who previously provided his voice as Gavin Duvall in "Pretty Fly for Angie".

"Back Home Again in Utah" is the sixth episode of the Back Home Again in... hallmarks of the series and the first since being revived from cancellation, which have aired in various seasons of the show, and the first to be directed by Bearse. The episodes are a parody of Back Home Again in Indiana song.[2] The episode was inspired by the film The Wizard of Oz, including its musical number "We're off to see the wizard", which was previously parodied by the three characters, then with alternate lyrics, in the Queen of the Willis episodes "Back Home Again in Indiana" and "Back Home Again in Indiana 2".[3] Fans originally believed that the original title of this episode was "Back Home Again in London", but in an interview with IGN Zinn stated that it was not the case.[3]

Cultural references[edit]



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