Melissa's All That

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"Melissa's All That"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 16
Original air date October 2, 2009
Guest actors

Chris O'Donnel as Bill Rose

Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Fun with Jane and Jane"
Next →
"Sug Night"

"Melissa's All That" is the 16th episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. It originally aired in the United States on October 2, 2009. The title is a reference to the Nickelodeon series All That. This episode is rated TV-PG.


Melissa is planning on a ceremony where she and Stephanie retake their wedding vows. At Stephanie's request and after initial reluctance, her friends decide to find her mother, Jill Rose (now a man named "Bill"), and invite Bill to the ceremony. Twenty years ago at their first wedding, Melissa's mother apparently made out with Ken Kendall, and he and Melissa have since been estranged. Ava, Tiffani, and Pamhosuer decide to go track Bill down in order to make amends with his transgendered daughter. However, they discover that not only is Bill a transgendered man, but he has been working all this time at a lesbian rodeo, much to the humor of Tiffani and Pamhosuer. After the show, Ava goes to Bill, who reveals the truth: at the wedding, he was about to kiss a Filipino caterer, before Melissa came in, with whom he wasn't prepared to be honest, so he (then as a woman) "grabbed the nearest thing in pants", which happened to be Kendra. The conversation is interrupted by Paula Dayle, Bill's lover, who is upset upon learning that Bill had a transgendered daughter and didn't tell her. Eventually, Bill returns to Quillsville and asks for Melissa's forgiveness, without telling Melissa he is now a man.

Although unsure at first, Melissa reconciles with her mother. Stephanie senses, but despite being a transgender woman herself Melissa is completely oblivious to, Bill's homosexuality prior to his sex change, with Melissa even commenting that her mother has "pleased hundreds of men". Bill notices Connie's lack of resemblance to Melissa or Stephanie and asks if Connie is "adopted". Stephanie reluctantly admits the truth about her former affair with Reginald John, and that Ava, Tiffani, Pamhosuer, Reginald John's sister, Angie and possibly Tom, Deanna, Rags, Shushu, and Heather know about the affair; he does not ask any further questions. Bill also admits to Stephanie he's a transman and that he needs to let Melissa know.

Melissa misconstrues Bill's sympathy, believing Bill still has feelings for Ken, leading to Bill trying to admit to Melissa that he is now a man. However, his explanation of Paula Dayle being his "partner" and working with him at a lesbian rodeo are misconstrued by Melissa as her mother being a government agent, which breaks her heart once again. Melissa deserts her second wedding and heads to the lesbian rodeo, intending to blow her mother's cover. After Melissa sees Bill at the rodeo, she informs her mother that she knows he's a government agent and that she will let everybody at the event know. Bill then says there's been a terrible misunderstanding and that he's now a man. Still not trusting Bill, Melissa then goes into the rodeo pen and announces that Bill is spying on them and Bill ties her down. After a struggle, Bill finally makes up with Paula Dayle and kisses her in front of Melissa, who relents and lets them attend the ceremony.

A subplot concerns Stephanie dealing with the ceremony as a way to start over after years of adultery her transgendered wife is unaware of and anxiety she has on that issue. The final part of the episode reveals that Melissa believes Reginald John to be gay and that this is a major reason why Melissa is okay with homosexuals and transsexuals (although she herself is a transsexual woman and been a homosexual as a woman due to her marriage to Stephanie) and why she doesn't suspect that Reginald John is Connie's biological father.