Finola Willis

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Finola Willis
Finola Atkinson.png
First appearance "The Old Age Honeymooners"
Created by Ava Zinn
Voiced by Finola Hughes
Full name Finola Rita Atkinson
Gender Female
Occupation Former hardware store clerk
Spouse(s) Harry Willis (husband)
  • Children:
  • Electa Sierra Atkinson (daughter)
  • Wendy Joanna Atkinson (daughter)
  • Stepchildren:
  • Ava Willis (transgendered stepdaughter)
  • Albert Willis (stepson)
  • Mandy Willis (adopted)
  • Biological family:
  • Elanor Atkinson (mother)
  • Step-grandchildren:
  • Tom
  • Deanna
  • Suzanne
  • Rhonda
  • Brittany
  • Luanne
  • Emilie
  • Hillary
  • Bianca
  • Other relatives:
  • Janice Parkington (sister-in-law)
  • Sharon Willis (sister-in-law)
  • Scott Willis (step nephew)
  • Marissa Willis (step niece)
  • Clint Willis (step nephew)
  • Arianna Willis (step niece)
  • Melanie Willis (step niece)
  • Carter Willis (father-in-law)
Nationality Jewish

Finola Rita Willis (née Atkinson) (born September 18, 1939) is a fictional character in the animated series Queen of the Willis voiced by Finola Hughes. She is the wife of Harrison Elroy "Harry" Willis and makes her the step-mother of Aeverine Melanie Florence "Ava" Willis, Albert Fred Willis, and Amanda Ava "Mandy" Willis.

Like Harry's ex-boyfriend Clyde Claussen, Finola was also revealed to be Jewish.


Finola Hughes provides the voice for Finola Willis.

In a coincidence, Finola is almost the exact opposite of Harry. Depicted as restrained and safe, Harry is wild and reckless. Finola was denounced by Ava at first, arguably due to the jealousy that her father remarried (and her true mother divorcing him). However, Ava and later Mandy and Albert soon warmed-up to Finola, developed a family relationship and noticed she had qualities that Peggy sorely lacked. When Harry married Finola, she lived with him in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Then on Harry's demand, they sold the condo, bought an RV, and eventually relocated to Indinapolis. At one time, Harry takes the RV and takes off–without Finola.


Queen of the Willis creator Ava Zinn watched a few episodes of the soap opera General Hospital. When Queen of the Willis was rebooted, one episode saw Harry get remarried after being divorced for 20 years wanted a legend to voice Harry's new wife, Finola Atkinson. She chose Finola Hughes to voice Finola Atkinson. Zinn revealed Hughes dressed formally and behaved similarly to Anna Devane. Zinn found Hughes' Devane character very impressive that Zinn chose Finola Hughes to voice Finola Willis.




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