Pilot (The Souzas)

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The Souzas episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Season Atkins
Written by Ava Zinn
Karly Jameson
Alexandra Moffitt
Production code 101
Original air date September 19, 2020 (2020-09-19)

"Pilot" is the first episode of the first season of the animated comedy series The Souzas. Directed by Season Atkins and written by series creators Ava Zinn, Karly Jameson and Alexandra Moffitt, the episode aired in syndication in the United States in the on September 19, 2010, along with the season 8 premiere of Queen of the Willis and the season 12 premiere of Vote for the Girls. The episode follows Deanna Willis, her wife Brandi, Deanna's daughter Lina, their children Tessanne and an unborn child and Deanna's siblings, as they begin their journey across the country, with a final destination of New York. The tensome give a final farewell to their family and friends in Quillsville, Indiana, but along the way to their destination, they decide to stop in Brandi's hometown of Detropolis, Ohio. While there, Brandi reconnects with an old crush she had in high school, named Gary Hicks, and while there Brandi gets full custody of Gary's children Alexander Souza (now Alexandra Souza), Cherice Souza, and Telissa Souza after Gary lost custody. Brandi and Deanna ultimately decide to accept each other into their new lives.

The series is a spin-off of the animated comedy series Queen of the Willis, which was created by executive producer Ava Zinn in 2006. Deanna Willis, orginally voiced by Candis Cayne and currently voiced by Rachael Passalt, was a main character on Queen of the Willis, and served as the eldest transgendered daughter of the Willis Family in Quillsville. Prior to the pilot of The Souzas, Deanna and Brandi both got married in the seventh season Queen of the Willis episode "Brandi's Willing to Dress".


At The Broken Boilermaker, Allison Kendall, Jackie Kendall, Connie and Deanna sit at a table. Deanna tells the girls that she, Brandi, Tessanne, and Lina have inherited a house that her paternal grandmother, Peggy left in her will. She also reveals Brandi now has custody of her three children from her previous relationship from Gary: Alexander, Cherice, and Telissa. as well as temporary full custody of her sibligs Ron, Stuart, Brian, Emilie, Luanne, and Hillary after Ava and Angie decide to voluntairiy on a temporary basis give up custody following the death of her older brother, Tom.

Before she leaves, Deanna asks Connie and Allison to kiss each other. They do a simple one at first, but then passionately start making out. Christiana, Ava, Angie, Melissa, Stephanie, Kendra Kendall, Miles Kendall (Hoosier Anchorwoman!), Karly, Avril, Alisan and Heather all gaze in shock while Deanna is happy, as it is the first time she has ever asked for something she really wanted. Later, after saying goodbye to all her friends and family, Deanna, Brandi (pregnant), Ron, Stuart, Brian, Emilie, Luanne, Hillary, Tessanne, Lina, Alexander, Cherice, and Telissa leave Quillsville.

During the journey, Brandi (with Deanna asleep) makes a two-day stop at her old home town of Detropolis, Ohio, and shows Lina, Tessanne, Alexander, Cherice, and Telissa around her old school. There, she bumps into her old flame Gary Hicks (the son of Brittani Hicks), who works there as a secretary. She invites her to stay at her house for a couple of days, where Gary relays to Brandi and Deanna how Brandi found a new mother figure around for his kids after splitting with Brandi in 2003.

While at Gary's house, Deanna and Brandi are introduced to the McMansion Deanna inherited and the neighbors, which include local fishers Jacob Morris and Chaztity Morris; the family of tigers, which include Benjamin, his wife Addison, and their son Theodore.

Brandi experiences problems with her three kids, and Deanna agrees to help; this results in Deanna becoming the very person Gary needs around while he is about to deploy for Iraq.

However, on the drive, Stuart reminds his sister on her earlier advice from Ava and Angie back in Quillsville on taking chances in life, and questions her why she is driving away from Brandi, the woman she loves. The inevitable happens, and Deanna races back to the house, crashing Brandi and Gary's date, professes her love for her and vows that she will stick around for her and her children unlike Gary. Deanna successfully wins Brandi over, and after a romantic montage and the dismissal of Gary, setting up for the scene for the Buckeye wedding of Deanna and Brandi, surrounded by their old and new friends, neighbours and family from Quillsville and family on Queen of the Willis.


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