Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville

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"Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 15
Episode 39/40
Directed by Donna Doogan
Written by Ava Zinn
Produced by Karly Jameson
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Original air date
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"The Quillsville Tween and Teen Murders"
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"Into That Final Good Night in Quillsville" is the two part series finale episode of the fifteenth season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis as well as season one premiere episode of Quillsville Cold Case. In the episode, Ava is widowed after Angie dies from injuries from a drunk driving accident.

The episode was written by series creator Ava Zinn and directed by Donna Doogan. The episode features the death of Angie Willis, who dies in the episode. Ava meets Kellie Martin (voiced by herelf), who eventually marries Ava Willis as Angie's replacement.


As Ava and Angie's 38th Anniversary approaches, Ava hopes to renew the vows, but feels she can not move forward in life with Heather around. Angie is hesitant about making Heather leave, but she is persuaded to act when they find Heather at home with a group of pimps.

Angie finds Heather her own apartment and a job at a grocery store (Kroger Marketplace on Mississinewa Street), where Heather begins dating her co-worker Nadine. Ava learns that Angie has been skipping work, using her as an excuse, to reluctantly continue to spend most of her time with Heather, Tabby and Shushu. Angie and Ava are invited to a party put on by QMPD Police Captain Brad Hunter, but Heather, Tabby and Shushu lures Angie away to a party at his apartment with the pressured offer. Angie is hesitant to stay only a few minutes, but gets caught up in the occasion. Ava finds Angie there and decide to get a divorce. A devastated Angie angrily blames Heather for ruining her life and gets drunk.

Angie, angrily wanders off and drives drunk near Quill Circle, where she is knocked unconscious. Heather identifies Rick Bones and Karla Spinazola as the culprits that totalled Angie's SUV.

At the hospital, Ava, Mandy, Albert, Mayor Pence, Deanna, Brandi, Brynn, Heather, Tabby, Shushu, Harry, Finola, Bob, Skye, and Laura are all devastated as Angie dies from her injuries.

The family and friends hold a funeral for Angie where Heather gives a tear-jerking eulogy. At the funeral, Sharane is pressured by a mourning Burmese woman to find who killed Angie, while Melissa and Kendra, who loathes Angie, does not pay attention to the service and they instead watches a video on Melissa's cellphone complaining at Pacers star Paul George to "stop shooting at junk". As Angie's casket is lowered into her grave, Shushu and Tabby throws a final red rose onto the casket and she and the Willis family watch on tearfully.

A month later, the Willis family still misses Angie dearly and Ava decides the best way for them to recover is for Ava to begin dating again. Meanwhile, Kendra and Melissa get an RV and remodel it to get over Angie's death while Bob and Harry decide to rename Sweethearts Restaurant to Angie's Sweethearts in Angie's memory. The restraunt is renovated to feature statues of Angie similar to the the Big Boy mascot. At Angie's Sweethearts, Ava reconnects with Kellie Martin, of which most of Quillsville recognize yet Kellie only knows Alisan, Avril and Karly due to their celebrity status.

At home (in a deleted scene), Kellie offers to make dinner and ingratiates herself with the family. At the Drunken Hoosier, Heather introduces Kellie to Stephanie, Miles and Sharane and they become drinking buddies. Meanwhile, Kellie hears Tabby and Shushu crying and finds she is still upset over Angie. Kellie offers some comfort, talking about her divorce from her ex-husband Keith, and proving she knows what it is like to lose your loved one. Kellie says even in the restaurant, she felt a connection with Ava. Heather, Tabby, Shushu, Deanna, and Brynn finally accepts Kellie into the family. Both Kellie and Ava remarry, making Ava a stepfather to Kellie's children, Maggie and Olivia Martin, and Kellie a stepmother to Deanna and Brynn, as well as step-grandmother to Ava's grandchildren.

This series finale "ripped out the rug from under viewers" by showing that the entire plot of the series finale was in fact a dream that Ava had concocted in Ava's new career as a writer.

Production and development[edit]


All music composed by Mike Post & Christian Gari.
No. TitleArtist Length
1. "The Other Side"  Em Rossi 3:05
2. "My Way" (Frank Sinatra cover)Ava Zinn 4:45
3. "Take Good Care of My Heart"  Le Flex 4:20
4. "Don't Start Now"  Dua Lipa 3:03
5. "One Foot In Front Of The Other"  Bone Symphony 3:10
6. "Safari Song"  Greta Van Fleet 3:55
7. "Woman Up"  Meghan Trainor 3:29
8. "Hip To Be Square"  Huey Lewis & The News 4:01
9. "Simply Irresistable" (Performed by Heather Willis (Ava Zinn))Ava Zinn 4:15
10. "California Gurls"  Katy Perry 3:55
11. "Here Comes the Bride"  Traditional 1:33
12. "Wedding March"  Traditional 2:30
13. "Right Here Waiting"  Ava Zinn 4:12
14. "Lost In Your Eyes" (Performed by Ava Willis (Ava Zinn) and Debbie Gibson (herself))Debbie Gibson and Ava Zinn 3:38
15. "Lonely In Love"  Ava Zinn 5:27
Total length:


  • Ava Zinn as Ava Willis, Albert Willis, Mandy Willis, Shushu Willis, Tabby Willis, Heather Willis, Kendra Kendall, Anna Pamhouser, QMPD Captain Brad Hunter, Dr. Mario Coxson, Minister
  • Karly Jameson as herself, Angie Willis, Brynn Willis, QMPD Officer Kymberly Millspaugh, QMPD Officer Payton Martin
  • Rachael Passalt as Deanna Willis
  • Alexandra Moffitt as Phoebe Willis, Alaina Willis, Stephanie Rose, QMPD Officer Elaine Reed
  • Cathryn Everman as QMPD Officer Kayla Burnside
  • Jacqui Fountaine as QMPD Detective Jill Tucker
  • Kendra Ray as Melissa Rose, QMPD Officer Ramona Battishill,
  • Luka Runecraft as Miles Kendall, Rick Bones,
  • Alisan Porter as herself
  • Avril Lavigne as herself
  • Kassie DePaiva as Brandi Souza
  • Lorri Fink as Judy Yoque, Karla Spinazola, Darla Spinazola
  • Hannah Wilson as Pia Yoque, Lieutenant Jennine Stilkman
  • Eboni Hill as QMPD Lieutenant Courtney Allen, QMPD Detective Jana Miller
  • Donna Doogan as Maribel Sabo, DA Kristy Ellis, QMPD Officer Amber Connoway
  • Melvin Runecraft as QMPD Lieutenant Nick Jeffries
  • Frank Davidson as QMPD Officer Jarett Dailey
  • Lanise McClannahan as QMPD Detective Amy Richards, Stacie Berg, Kree Walters
  • Breeanna Sorensen as QMPD Detective Larisa Mack
  • Finola Hughes as Finola Willis
  • David Caruso as Harry Willis
  • Kathryn Morris as QMPD Sergant Lilly Rush
  • Nicole Pence as Mayor Pence
  • Kellie Martin as herself/Kellie Willis
  • Alex Borstein as Tarra
  • Laverne Cox as Nadine
  • Vivica A. Fox as Barbie
  • Mila Kunis as Mina
  • Seth MacFarlane as Kyle
  • Vicki Lawrence as Greta

Cultural references[edit]

  • There are 134 bleep censors in the series. Fuck was used 83 times.
  • Angie and Heather are watching Press Your Luck with Elizabeth Banks.
  • Ava mentions Carlos O'Charley's restaurant, a parody of Carlos O'Kelley's and O'Charley's resturant.
  • Sergant Payton Martin is said to be a cousin of Kellie Martin.
  • Detective Ava Willis and Sergant Lilly Rush investigate a heist at Fred Meyer Jewelers on James Dean Way.
  • Heather gets a job at Kroger Marketplace on Mississinewa Street.
    • Heather checks Ava, Tabby, and Shushu's items and pays $65.15 for $500 worth of groceries.
  • Lieutenant Nick Jeffries retires from QMPD after 51 years.
  • Lady A (formerly Lady Antebellum)'s "Need You Now" plays as Angie is driving drunk and high, a refrence to the first episode of Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn and Alexandra Moffitt.
  • Series creator Ava Zinn's performance of "My Way" is heard in the closing credits of Part 1 in repeat episodes.
  • While Ava is driving Tabby and Shushu, Ava turns on the radio with the Le Flex version of the Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston duet "Take Good Care of My Heart" and Shushu changes to Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now".
  • Tabby is chewing on a rawhide and Shushu is playing with a cat toy for the first and only time in the series. Tabby previously mentioned the lack of pet treats in "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5".
  • Melissa and Kendra go to Chicago to buy an RV and renvote the RV as a project to get over the death of Angie Willis.
  • This marks the first time Ava has her hair tied as she is on her first date with Kellie Martin, Lieutenant Jeffries' retirement party, and her wedding.
  • Ava mentions Kellie Martin was a contestant on the Bob Eubanks version of Card Sharks in 1987. Kellie won $4,600 in 1987. ($4,600 is equal to $10,448 in 2020 dollars).[1]
  • Kellie mentions she saw Alisan Porter in the audience of Card Sharks and Alisan saw Kellie in the audience of Star Search.
  • When Kellie's bachelorette party was planned, Alisan mentioned to Ava she owed her dad a favor from "Something About Loose Ava". Harry mentions to Alisan it was 45 years since he and Dallas Cowboy crashed Alisan's birthday party in 1982.
  • At Ava and Kellie's wedding, two thousand people were at Lee Kelso High School's gymnasium. The guests include 196 classmates from the Quillsville Central High School Class of 1991, Ava's friends and family, Kellie's friends and family from California (her former co-stars make a cameo appearance), and special guests.


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