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Sabrina Everman
Born Sabrina Dawna Jo Graant
May 17, 1958 (1958-05-17) (age 66)
Hartford City, Indiana
Nationality American
Alma mater Notre Dame University
Occupation Television news presenter
Employer NoSirGifts Venues
Home town Montpelier, Indiana
Spouse Jon Everman (m. 1979; wid. 2017) (his death)
Children Garfield Everman
Elisa Everman
Holly Everman
Lynsey Everman
Relatives Nermal Everman (granddaughter)
Tiffani Zinn (transgender granddaughter)

Sabrina Everman (née Grant) (born May 17, 1958 in Hartford City, Indiana) is a television news presenter based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She currently works for WTOR-FTV/WXXC-FDT, Fort Wayne's CBS/Independent station duopoly owned by NoSirGifts Venues (the stations are known locally as "CBS 41" and "INNCD 47"). Everman has worked in the field since 1980 [1] and is best known for being the mother of Vote for the Girls USA co-host Holly Everman and grandmother of Vote for the Girls UK moderator Nermal Everman.


Everman began her broadcast career at Notre Dame University, in 1975.[2] She began her television career in the summer of 1980 at then CBS affiliate WFTW (channel 6, now an NBC affiliate). In 1982, she moved to then ABC affiliate WFAZ-FTV (channel 36, now channel 9 WMRI-FTV) in Fort Wayne as weekend anchor, despite having no formal broadcasting education. At the age of 22, she was one of the youngest weekend anchorwomen in the country. In October 1982, WFAZ-FTV was sold to ATE Media Corportion

WFAZ-FTV and WPMA-FTV (channel 7, now WNDI-FTV) switched network affiliations on July 1, 1984 and WFAZ-FTV became an NBC affiliate. Everman impressed her new bosses at ATE Media (notably Patrice Rafferty) enough that Rafferty wanted to either move Everman to sister station WHOO-FTV (channel 24, then a CBS affiliate) in Indianapolis or remain at WFAZ in 1984. Despite having no formal education in broadcasting, she was named the best newscaster in Northeast Indiana by the Fort Wayne Press Club in 1987, beating out such competition as WFTW's Lynne Jackson (now Everman's colleague at WTOR) and WNDI's Karla Hensen (later at KJTX Dallas and now at WTOR).

Everman was promoted to WFAZ's morning newscast NewsCenter 36 Today (now NewsCenter 9 Sunrise) and noon newscast NewsCenter 36 at Noon (now NewsCenter 9 Midday at Noon) in 1992, co-anchoring with Lando Kelso (for both newscasts when Kelso left WFAZ) until 1996 and later Pete Ward (for the morning newscast only). At the same time, she enrolled in Ball State University's broadcasting program, earning the broadcasting upon her graduation.

In 2004, 22 years after ATE Media acquired WFAZ, the station changed its call sign to WMRI-FTV and moved from channel 36 to channel 9. Later that year, ATE Media signed a long-term affiliation deal with ABC that resulted in WMRI switching from NBC back to ABC after 20 years. Everman left WMRI in 2006 after 26 years shortly after the death of longtime anchorwoman Laura Bakula. Everman was unhappy with the station's decision to choose Melinda Long over Everman as the co-anchor of WMRI's weeknight newscasts.

She freelanced at NBC affiliate WNDI for two years until Everman followed several of her former WMRI colleagues to rival CBS affiliate WTOR in 2008, which had merged with independent station WXXC after NoSirGifts Fantasy Television Stations bought WTOR from Imperial Broadcasting a year earlier. Everman, Jackson and Hansen are, as of 2018, colleagues at WTOR after previously being competitors.


Personal life[edit]

In 1976, Sabrina began dating Jon Everman while Sabrina was a senior and Jon a sophomore at Blackford High School. They wed on Valentine's Day 1979 and have remained married until Jon's death on April 26, 2017 [3] .

Sabrina has four children, a son Garfield (b. 1978 d. 2011) and three daughters, Elisa (b. 1979), Holly (b. 1980 d. 2017), and Lynsey (b. 1982 d. 2016), with Jon.

Everman became a grandmother on July 10, 1994, when her oldest daughter Elisa and then son-in-law Miccah Steele had daughter, Nermal (Nermal died on July 5, 2015; Nermal drowned in the White River in Muncie, Indiana[4][5]). Elisa later had a son Timothy (now transgendered daughter Tiffani) with Ava Zinn (then Frank Zinn) (b. 1999 d. 2021) and daughter Sheryl Marie "Shushu" (b. 1999 d. 2009). Everman's son Garfield married Natalie Hompkinson in 1998. Their son, Oliver Edward (now transgendered daughter Olivia Cassadee) was born on September 10, 1996. Sabrina's youngest daughter, Lynsey, married Dominick Matthewson on October 1, 2011, and the couple had their first child, a son, Ethan Garfield Matthewson in January 2012. Lynsey later had a daughter Madison Pia Matthewson in November 2014. Sabrina's daughter, Holly, married Veronica Willis in July 2012. Their son, Aiden Nickolas Willis, was born on November 25, 2013. Holly had her second child, a daughter, Ellie Kree Everman, born on November 21, 2015 with Perri Johnson.

Everman became a great step-grandmother through Holly's relationship with Perri.

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