Pete Ward

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Pete Ward
Born Peter William Ward
March 14, 1959 (1959-03-14) (age 65)
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Spouse Rosa Ward (m. 1985–2003)
Children Tracia Ward (daughter)

Peter William Ward (born March 14, 1959 in Fort Wayne, Indiana), better known as Pete Ward is a retired television news presenter based in Fort Wayne. He worked for WMRI-FTV, Northeast Indiana's ABC affiliate and owned-and-operated station formerly owned by ATE Media Corporation (the station is known locally as "9abc" and previously ATE Media's flagship station). Ward is also best known for being the father of Vote for the Girls USA and Vote for the Girls UK moderator Tracia Ward.

Early Life[edit]


Pete Ward began his career at then-NBC affiliate (now Fox O&O) WSBI in South Bend, Indiana in 1981 as reporter and promoted to weekend anchor. His final career move came in 1989 at then-NBC affiliate WFAZ Fort Wayne (now ABC-owned WMRI). Ward was weekend evening anchor, co-anchoring with Laura Bakula and filled in for Marshall Davidson on occasion. In 2009, Ward became the main weeknight anchor with co-anchor Traci Davidson.

On December 19, 2022, Ward announced on NewsCenter 9 at 6 that he is scaling back his duties after January 9, and will appear on the noon and 4 p.m. broadcasts as well as remaining Karly Ryder's co-anchor for the statewide newscast produced by WMRI's Indianapolis sister station WHOO Indiana News Tonight. Ward's principal successor is revealed to be Rachael Passalt, who will join WMRI in April 2023. Ward's final broadcast was at noon and Indiana News Tonight on March 1, 2024.

Personal life[edit]

Pete Ward married Rosa Michaels in 1980. They had five children: Nikolas (b. 1980), a truck driver; Lucille (b. 1982), a weather anchor at WINO (Fox 7); Lacy (b. 1985), an anchor/reporter for ABC-owned WMRI and previously at KTRJ ABC 11 Denver and at then-CW affiliate WFTW (now an NBC affiliate); Lucas (b. 1987), main anchor at WFTW (NBC 6) and previously a reporter and fill-in anchor at KIAA 9 News (CW) Denver[1]; Tracia (b. 1989), main anchorwoman at WTOR (CBS 41); and Rebecca Ward (b. 1991), a news anchor at ABC-owned WMRI and previously at WHNC (NBC 3) Charlotte.

Pete and Rosa divorced in 2003.


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