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"America's Got Talent 11 QF Result"
Vote for the Girls episode
Episode no. Season 8
Episode 1
Directed by ??
Produced by
  • ??
Original air date August 27, 2016 (2016-08-27)
Running time ??

The Coolranch–Swaringen brawl (colloquially known as the Zinn's Villains Brawl and America's Got Talent Quarter-Finals Result) was an altercation that occurred during the first episode of the eighth season of Vote for the Girls, and the ___________ episode of the series overall. The episode first aired on August 27, 2016 that centered on the altercation on during the result between the web site's male villains, Bill Delagatto, Archibald Coolranch and Glenn Swaringen. [1]

During the AGT 11 Quarterfinals 2 Result, a fight broke out between villains on the set of Vote for the Girls. After the fight was broken up, Bill Delagatto threw a drink at Swaringen, sparking a massive brawl between moderators and the audience. (It is interesting to note that Coolranch and Swaringen once had a relationship with Patrice Rafferty.)

Before the brawl[edit]


During the August 23, 2016 episode of America's Got Talent, Kathi & Karly, at the suggestion of Holly & Perri throws a red challenge flag, leading to a review by Zinn. Kathi, Karly, Holly, and Perri challenge two contestants, Laura Bretan (chosen by Delagatto) and Blake Vogt (chosen by Phil Allen). Kathi made the puzzling discovery that Laura Betran had won the sixth season of Romanii au Talent, supporting her Moderator's Challenge claim, as is Holly & Perri's, whose Moderator's Challenge of Blake Vogt previously appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and Swaringen's final picks of Sal Valentinetti and Linkin' Bridge, respectively been a candidate for elimination. But when Delagatto, who had a record of 4-1 on AGT11, and called on to present his Villains Picks, a producer reveals to Zinn that he'd made an egregious mistake: he'd actually chosen Laura Bretan as his Villains pick rather than rather than his own. Although the producer and Zinn believe his mistake was an honest one, Zinn emphasizes the need to maintain the site's integrity, and Delagatto is immediately disqualified as Bretan won the Romanian version of Got Talent five days after Bretan's America's Got Talent audition aired, a rule in the site that's heavily stressed. After Delagatto leaves Stage 47, the judging ends with Kathi & Karly being the second imported winning moderator by default after Thia Tola's victory of Maneepat Molloy had won Thailand's Got Talent.

As a result of Delagatto's disqualification, all of Delagatto's remaining picks had to be flexed out. Delagatto's remaining picks of Laura Bretan and Musicality were flexed to Kathi & Karly Jameson.



On August 25, 2016, Ava Zinn suspended Delagatto, Swaringen, and Coolranch indefinitely, saying that their actions were "inexcusable".

Delagatto was given the longest suspension; he was suspended for the remainder of the the site's eighth season, due to a violation of the rules of the site. Delagatto's suspension will surpass Holly Everman's 2014 suspension for an on-set incident.

Coolranch and Swaringen were suspended from VFTG for 5 shows and the remainder of the fall cycle, respectively with each receiving a fine $25,000.

Delagatto will to Vote for the Girls USA Villains panel for the web site's ninth season.

Legal charges[edit]

Moderator Suspension by VFTG Fine(s) paid
Delagatto, BillBill Delagatto remainder of Vote for the Girls 2017
Swaringen, GlennGlenn Swaringen* remainder of fall cycle for an unrelated incident $25,000
Coolranch, ArchibaldArchibald Coolranch Five shows $25,000
* indicate moderators who faced legal consequences; they all received similar sentences:


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