Archibald Coolranch

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Archibald Coolranch
Born Archibald Uniqa Coolranch
February 29, 1936 (1936-02-29) (age 88)
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Residence Kalamazoo, Michigan
Nationality American
Occupation Television execuitive
Known for 7-time Vote for the Girls winning villain
All-time winning Zinn's Villain (and second overall)
Children Mindy Coolranch

Archibald Coolranch (born February 29, 1932) is an American television executive and author. Coolranch holds the record for the longest winning streak on the U.S. internet web site Vote for the Girls as a male villain. From the site's 2010 launch until the start of the eighth season, Coolranch had become a seven-time winning moderator of America's Got Talent from season five through ten before he was defeated by then-new moderator Tavon Savage after his final contestant, Julia Scotti, was eliminated in the eleventh season of America's Got Talent.

His total wins as winning villain was surpassed by Ava Zinn on December 18, 2012 after Cassadee Pope was announced the winner of the third season of The Voice, who defeated Coolranch's supported contestant Terry McDermott], adding to Zinn's existing winnings and has held that title since.

Early life


Vote for the Girls USA

Since Vote for the Girls began in the United States in 2010, Coolranch has appeared as head villain of the Zinn's Villain panel, in all seasons of the show and as of the ninth season in 2016, Coolranch appeared on the blue team villain panel with fellow Blue Team East moderators Glenn Swaringen (since 2015), Jacqui Fountaine (since 2016), and Carrie Ewan (since 2017), in addition to Blue Team West moderators Bria Savage (since 2016), Devin Martin (since 2017), Ted Shields (since 2016), Ben & Sonia Donbar (since 2017), and Jenna Monroe (since 2017). However, on January 13, 2017, Coolranch announced he would be leaving Vote for the Girls at the end of the ninth season in May 2018.[1]

Streak on Vote for the Girls

Before 2015, Vote for the Girls only supported female contestants. At the beginning of the site's sixth season (in 2014) as a test run and becoming official in at the start of the seventh season (in 2015), the rules were changed to allow male contestants to be supported by the female moderators that are flexed from the male villains.[2] After this rule change, and until Coolranch's run, only Zinn, Coolranch, and Leonard Lai had respectively became a five-time winning moderator on June 18, 2013; September 19, 2013; and September 3, 2014. A fourth, Kymberly Alvaraz (Zinn's girlfriend), joined the five-timers club on April 7, 2016.

Coolranch's run began during Vote for the Girls's first season with the fifth season finale of America's Got Talent episode aired on September 15, 2010, in which he became the winning villain with his final pick of Michael Grimm was announced the winner, and continued for the next six America's Got Talent seasons. In that first episode, Coolranch's entire win streak nearly ended before it even began. Jackie Evancho, chosen by moderator Robyn Hurd, was heavily favored to win and would have broken the then-four season girl curse. Had Evancho gotten more votes than Grimm, Coolranch would have lost, and Hurd would have been the winning moderator instead (Hurd would get her first and only moderator victory when her pick Melanie Amaro won the first season of The X Factor in December 2011 as well as the first VFTG Victory).

End of the streak

Main article: Coolranched

On August 27, 2016, Coolranch's reign as America's Got Talent winning moderator ended when his supported contestants Lori Mae Hernandez and Calysta Bevier, were respectively flexed out to Kye Sanchez and Holly Everman & Perri Johnson as well as his final supported contestant, Julia Scotti, was eliminated, and lost to newcomer Tavon Savage.[3] Only Coolranch, Savage, and blue team competitor Glenn Swaringen, were able to participate as a fourth Blue Team Zinn's villain, Bill Delagatto, was disqualified for violating the rules as Delagatto had chosen Laura Bretan as his villains pick that was eventually flexed out to Kathi & Karly Jameson, whom had challenged Delagatto after watching Bretan win the sixth season of Romanii au Talent and Bretan's America's Got Talent audition aired five days prior to the RGT final, resulting in Delagatto's disqualification.

The third Quarter-Final result had Coolranch's pick of Julia Scotti, Phil Allen's pick of Vello Vaher, and Savage's pick of Egar Family Band. Coolranch appeared perplexed during the time, while Savage and Allen appeared confident. Savage's pick of Grace VanderWall had moved on to the Semi-Finals with Coolranch's pick of Scotti finished still waiting to be revealed. After Scotti and Vaher was revealed to be eliminated, the audience audibly gasped and Coolranch utted, "Congratulations, Tavon." Savage, whom Coolranch called a "formidable opponent", would eventually be declared the winning moderator as his final pick, Grace VanderWaal was declared the winner of the eleventh season of America's Got Talent. The audience gave a standing ovation in honor of both contestants, and host Ava Zinn called Savage a "giant killer" as Coolranch embraced him.

Coolranch's seven season streak took place over a span of 2,170 calendar days or 310 weeks.

Record as villain

Name Debut Departure Notable Picks Notes
Supported Contestant Finish Show VFTG Pick
Archibald Coolranch 2010 Present Josh Krajcik Runner-Up
(VFTG Victory)
The X Factor 1 (2011) Melanie Amaro First permanent male moderator on the blue team to be on the American version of the show.
Marcus Canty 4th Place
LeRoy Bell 8th Place
J Rome Wayne Winner
(VFTG Loss)
Duets (2012) Bridget Carrington
John Glosson Runner-up
(VFTG Loss)
Jason Farol 3rd Place
(VFTG Loss)
Emblem3 4th Place The X Factor 2 (2012) Carly Rose Sonenclar
Fifth Harmony
Jason Brock 13th Place
Terry McDermott Runner-Up
(VFTG Victory)
The Voice 3 (2012) Cassadee Pope
Burnell Taylor 7th Place American Idol 12 (2013) Candice Glover
Kree Harrison
Angie Miller
Amber Holcomb
Janelle Arthur
Caleb Johnson Winner
(Loss Declined)
American Idol 13 (2014) Moderator's Save
Jena Asciutto
Jake Worthington Runner-Up
(Loss Declined)
The Voice 6 (2014) Moderator's Save
Christina Grimmie
Rayvon Owen 4th Place American Idol 14 (2015) Nick Fradiani
Quentin Alexander 6th Place

Family and personal life

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  • At the end of the eighth season of Vote for the Girls, Coolranch was the oldest moderator or villain on the panel and along with, Ava Zinn and Holly Everman, had been with the site from the first season. After Everman's death and Coolranch's retirement, Ava Zinn became the only remaining original staff.


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