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This episode was written by series creator Ava Zinn and directed by Jacqui Fountaine. Zinn previously wrote 18 episodes: "Ava and Angie Willis: Celebrating 20 Years", "Tom and Deanna Tragic Adventures", "Cable TV Fascism", "Revenge of the Male Anchors 2", "Sexist Father", "Amanda and Elisa Do Indiana", "Death Picks Peggy", "Nightmare Vacation", "Ten Years To Life", "The Rape of Heather Willis", "It's a Camp Trap!", "Revenge of the Male Anchors 5", "Quillsville Wasteland", co-wrote the pilot, "Ava's Laptop", "Revenge of the Male Anchors" and "Ava Gets Dianed" with Holly Everman, and co-wrote "Revenge of the Male Anchors 4" with Eboni Hill.

This is the third "Quillsville Cold Case" episodes distinguishes "double casting" in which the characters and witnesses would flash back and forth in the scene representing them as they looked at the time of the crime and in the present day. This was done with different actors as children, much younger selves, and before one's gender transition if the year in question was well in the past.

In addition to the regular cast, guest stars Yeardley Smith voiced the child versions of Alisan Porter and Lilly Rush, Tress MacNielle voiced the child version of then-Karly Ryder, Jr. (now Karly Jameson), Pamela Aldon voiced the child version of Avril Lavinge, Traci Davidson voiced the child version of Christiana Sellars, Hillary Runecraft voiced the child versions of then-Stephanie Dawson (now Stephanie Rose), Nicole Pence, and pre-gender transition of Bill Rose, Frank Davidson voiced the child versions of Eric Halvorson and Eric Ferguson in addition to the present day Daniel Rose and Officer Dailey, Dan Castellaneta voiced a younger Harold Nash and the child versions of Vinny and Josh Kaufman (1982), Kathryn Morris reprised her role as the present day Sgt. Lilly Rush, Avril Lavinge as herself in the present day, longtime Indianapolis news anchorwoman Debby Knox voices Principal Knox, |Melvin Runecraft voiced Lt. Nick Jeffries, David Caruso reprises his role as Ava's father Harry Willis, Finola Hughes reprises her role as Ava's stepmother Finola Willis, Arianna Huffington voicing Ava's aunt Sharon Willis, Mindy Coolranch voicing Ava's Aunt Janice Parkington, Julie Kavner voicing Joanna Ferguson, Marla McClinton voicing the present day Christiana Sellars, Eric Halvorson voicing the present day Principal Eric Halvorson, Hannah Wilson voicing the present day Larissa Oliver and the young Cassandra Sellars, Breeanna Sorensen voicing Ava's daughterBreeanna and the younger Alisan's mother Dorthy Porter, Eboni Hill vooicing the present-day Christinana's mother Cassandra Sellars, Luka Runecraft reprising his role in the present day Melissa's mother Bill Rose and Miles Kendall, retired Indianapolis news anchorman Clyde Lee played himself in-live action archive footage and in animated form, Nicole Pence as the present day Mayor Nicole Pence, Christina Applegate playing Quillsville Police Detective Chris Koldike, the late Indianapolis anchorman Howard Caldwell playing himself in archive footage, former Indianapolis television personality Tracey Horth playing herself in archive footage, comedianne Elizabeth Banks voicing herself and the thought of Heather's son Arthur, Tracey Gold playing Crystal Gayle Elemetary Principal Tracey Gold, Akim Anastopoulo voicing Judge Akim Anastopoulo, former Indinapolis anchorwomen Diane Willis voicing herself, longtime Indianapolis news anchorman Bob Donaldson voices Angie's fictionalised biological father, Bob Donaldson, Skye Winslow as herself, Laura Donaldson as Angie's fictionalised half-sister, Laura, and Indianapolis news anchorwomen Andrea Moorehead, Anne Marie Tiernon, Fanchon Stinger play themselves. Karly Jameson reprises her Hoosier Anchorwoman roles of Jackie Kendall and Kayla the Snake, Maribel Mort voiced Jacqui Hendensen and reprises her Hoosier Anchorwoman! role Allison Kendall, and series creator Ava Zinn reprises her Amanda & Elisa roles of Amanda Dawson, Elisa Donovan, Dana Carson, and Hoosier Anchorwoman! characters Kendra Kendall and Joyce the Cow.