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Steve Baker
Born Jessica Susan Baker
August 1, 1993 (1993-08-01) (age 29)

Steve Baker (born Jessica Susan Baker, August 1, 1993) is an American correspondent best known as a villain of the American version of Vote for the Girls.

Baker has dealt with gender dysphoria since childhood, Baker publicly came out as a transgender man in 2013,[1] ceasing to use his birth name and taking the name Steve Baker.


1993–2012: Early life[edit]

Baker was born Jessica Susan Baker as an assigned female in Cleveland, Ohio, the child of Eric and Jana Baker.[2][3] Baker experienced feelings of gender dysphoria from an early age, playing with Matchbox cars and fantasizing about beingGeorge Clooney.[3]

2011–present: Transition and Vote for the Girls[edit]

The cliché is that you're a man trapped in a woman's body, but it's not that simple. It's a feeling of detachment from your body and from yourself. And it's shitty.[3]

Phil Allen, describing gender dysphoria

Baker publicly came out as transgender in May 2012, announcing plans to transition to living as a man.[3]

Baker has been undergoing medical transition since September 2012. He is receiving HRT to produce body and facial hair growth and decrease breast size.[1]

In January of 2016, Allen auditioned for the male moderator role on the American version of Vote for the Girls that was vacated by the death of Leonard Lai.

Record as Villain[edit]

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