Back Home Again in Ohio

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"Back Home Again in Ohio"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 11
Episode 18/19
Directed by Donna Doogan
Written by Donna Doogan
Production code 1118/1119
Original air date January 27, 2023 (2023-01-27)
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Quillsville Cold Case: The Molestation of Marissa Porter"
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"You Can't Out-Finkle the Finklemyre"

"Back Home Again in Ohio" is the 18th and 19th episodes of the eleventh season of the animated comedy-drama Queen of the Willis. It aired on first-run syndication in the United States on January 27, 2023, and is written and directed by Donna Doogan. The episode is the eighth in the series of Back Home Again in... episodes.

In the episode, Heather, Brynn, Tabby and Shushu travel to Ohio after the Heather becomes besotted with a tech support worker. Meanwhile, Angie goes to play bingo with Miles, and alienates his friend by becoming overly competitive at the pastime.


Heather's computer freezes up and she calls technical support for assistance, where she becomes attracted to an employee named Zoey and begins telling her lies to impress her. When Heather wishes to start a relationship with Zoey, Tabby and Shushu tells her that it is doomed since she is in Ohio, but Brynn proves Tabby and Shushu otherwise. Nonetheless, Heather travels by car to Ohio to meet her, accompanied by Brynn, Tabby and Shuhsu. They go to tech support and find Zoey in Detropolis, Ohio. After spending time together, she invites Heather, Brynn, Tabby and Shushu to her family's home.

When they arrive, Heather, Brynn, Tabby and Shushu find that Zoey is a transwoman and has been single for 20 years, much to Heather's surprise. Zoey unexpectedly expresses her love for Heather, which makes Zoey's family upset, especially her daughter. When Heather meets up with Zoey, she learns that her father did not need the dowry money back as Zoey was expecting to marry a man, but that Zoey wants to marry Heather her of knowledge on Ohio.

Meanwhile, Miles visits the Willis' home and invites Angie to bingo night at an elderly parlor. Angie is reluctant, but Ava convinces her to go. At the parlor, Angie discovers that Milies is called "The Big Money" due to being the popular player there. Angie is not having fun, but to her surprise, she wins the second game. Angie's winning goes to her head, and she gets competitive while wearing clothing that makes her look high and mighty, much to Miles' dismay. When Miles tells Angie that she brought her here to have fun, Angie has Abduwali Muse tell Miles that Angie is the new Bingo Captain. Miles stops coming to bingo, to Angie's indifference, but Ava expresses disapproval. When Angie arrives at the parlor, Ava and Kendra comes with Miles and tries to get her to come home. When she stands her ground, Ava calls Deanna and Mandy to annoy Angie when she is playing, so she gives up and heads home.


"Back Home Again in Ohio" is the eighth episode of the series' Back Home Again in... hallmark which air through various seasons of the show. The episode was written and directed by Donna Doogan.

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