Back Home Again in Indiana 2

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"Back Home Again in Indiana 2"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 23
Directed by Season Atkins
Written by Jacqueline Roberts
Production code 316
Original air date February 18, 2008
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Cable TV Fascism"
Next →
"Graduating and Marriage"


Rags is obsessed with a television called Clifford & Barney, a colorful children's TV show featuring several imaginary characters. Questioning his future in Quillsville, Rags decides to travel to "Clifford & Barney" in the Fort Wayne and live there forever. Desperate, he goes to the local bus station and sneaks aboard a Greyhound Bus, intending to travel to Fort Wayne, and to find the studios where Clifford & Barney is filmed. Heather tries to stop Rags from leaving Indiana, and follows him onboard the bus. When she finally finds Rags, the plane takes off and lands in Toledo, Ohio.

Heather begins to search for a way to get back to the Indiana, but Rags refuses to leave with her and insists they travel to Fort Wayne. Heather and Rags search for a horse to use as transportation, and they perform a musical number as a diversion in order to steal one. They begin their journey, but the horse dies in the middle of the Ohio-Indiana line at U.S. 27. They soon find a nearby Comfort Suites, however, in which to stay and find out Shushu. They steal a helicopter from the hotel premises and make their way to Fort Wayne. Upon finally arriving at the PBS Studios at IPFW, Rags is horrified to learn that the farm is a set, and his beloved characters are merely tired out, disinterested actors. Enraged, Rags decides to travel back home with Heather and Shushu to Quillsville after getting revenge at the Father Mark actress for kicking him by defecating in his shoes. This ordeal also causes Rags and Shushu to lose interest in the show.

Meanwhile, Angie is overjoyed to hear about Wheel of Fortune coming to Indianapolis. She and her wife, Ava, audition as contestsants, as does the rest of the crowd, and they manage to be on the show and win the game.

After the show, Angie accuses Ava of only pretending to be a Wheel of Fortune enthusiast, and they leave the the Indiana Convention Center venue in disgrace. Later that night, Angie and Ava stop at a IHOP on the way home from the show. The Wheel of Fortune hosts are seated at another table, and Ava recognizes an old friend Alisan Porter who just finished performing at Conseco Fieldhouse. Angie is amazed to discover that Ava or "Loose Frankie" had dated Alisan when they were in grade school. Angie's faith in Ava is then restored, and she proudly shares the news on public-access television that "my transgendered wife did Alisan Porter."[1]


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