Back Home Again in Kevin's Arms Again

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"Back Home Again in Kevin's Arms Again"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 12
Directed by Alexandra Moffitt
Written by Robyn Hurd
Production code 617
Original air date April 20, 2012
Episode chronology
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"Brandi's Willing to Dress"
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"Nightmare Vacation"

"Back Home Again in Kevin's Arms Again" is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of Queen of the Willis. It originally aired on first-run syndication in the United States on April 20, 2012. The episode follows Heather after she inadvertently sells Rags' stuffed tiger, Kevin, during a yard sale. In an attempt to retrieve him, Shushu, Rags and heather travel across the United States, eventually discovering he is with a child living in Mesquite, Texas. Meanwhile, Angie has her driving license suspended for careless driving and is forced to be driven around by Deanna, which annoys Angie.

The episode was written by Robyn Hurd and directed by Alexandra Moffitt. It received divided reviews, with the negative reviews going to the "personal driver" plot and the positive going to the "Kevin" plot.


The Willlis family have a yard sale to sell off household items that they no longer need, but Heather accidentally sells Rags' teddy bear, Kevin, causing Rags to think Kevin has been kidnapped. Heather takes Rags and Shushu to the toy store to try to find a replacement, but ends up admitting she accidentally sold it, after which Rags exclaims: "You bitch!".

Shushu attempts to retrieve Kevin by tracking DNA samples against the federal database from the money Heather was paid for Kevin. They discover the man who bought Kevin lives in Quillsville, but upon arrival, they discover the house is deserted. After seeing the moving truck and following it, with Mayor Kelso driving, they discover the man now resides in Mesquite, Texas, meaning Kelso drives them no further, only stopping in the Kentucky state line. To get over the mountains, the pair rent a helicopter after discovering "to rent a helicopter, you can pay with cash, check, or a jaunty tune". Rags and Shushu then performs a dance for the man in the office (with help from Bob Hope), but when Heather crashes the helicopter into the mountain, the two end up next to the entrance to Mesquite.

Reluctant to give Kevin back to Rags, Cord Stanford (the buyer, voiced by ) and his family organize a skiing race down the mountain, so if Rags is the first down, they are allowed to take Kevin away with them and if Cord wins, he can have Heather. Rags cheats by installing rockets in his skis, and relaxes to watch his progress. Rags then crashes into a tree and loses the race. He tells Heather that maybe this means he should give up Kevin, but he proceeds to grab Kevin after telling his personal butler Crone to throw a cup of hot coffee on the child's face, forcing him to drop the bear. The three make a run for it before the child's parents notice, then realize they still need to get back to Quillsville (which, by looking at a highway sign at the end, is 899 miles away), so they carjack a passing driver in the city and drive home.

Meanwhile, Angie purchased her own Evel Knievel gloves at her own yard sale. She decides to use her SUV to jump over a row of cars, but is unsuccessful and results in her drivers license being suspended by Tiffani. Ava arranges for Deanna to become Angie's personal driver, and she makes numerous attempts to annoy Deanna, including spilling beer on her head hat on when traveling with her friends. When another car rear ends her and she is insulted by the driver, Deanna takes out her repressed rage with Angie on the driver by beating him up; Angie is impressed, and the two bond in the car. In the end, Tiffani stops by Angie's house to reinstate her license. Deanna worries that Angie will begin treating her badly now that Tom has passed.[1]


This episode was written by Robyn Hurd, in one of her final episodes before her death on May 23, 2012, and directed by Alexandra Moffitt.

Ava mocking RAGStory (or, as it is called in the scene, RUOStory), citing the movie as a middle finger to the audience by being five episodes slapped together under the guise of a movie (followed by Heather calling in two bodyguards in suits to take Ava away) was edited on TV for time reasons.[2][3] A scene showed one of Angie's crimes being a hate crime, where during his stunt he hit a car with a transmale driver and the crime being a rape (his airbag having busted his hymen when it deployed).[3][4] The scene of Rags getting high on NyQuil to cope with losing Kevin and mistaking a throw pillow for Shushu was cut from TV airings for time reasons.[3][4] Rhonda Goodman noted that she feels the production crew may not have succeeded on this episode as everything falls into place easily,[3] such as the box falling out of the moving truck.[3] Every frame when Rags and Shushu are dancing in a montage of Clash of Cymbals took a large amount of work to produce.[2][5]

The montage of Rags, Shushu and Heather visiting several U.S. states (all of which are states where there's nothing but cornfields) was a DVD exclusive scene, removed from television for timing purposes.[2][6] This scene was partially based on series creator Ava Zinn traveling to Alabama after and realizing there is lots of corn and wheat throughout the U.S.[2] Rags, Shushu, and Heather carjacking somebody was added to the episode in a later rewrite and censored on television.[4]

Cultural references[edit]

When speaking with Heather at the yard sale, Ava comments that RAGStory is not a real movie, rather just five individual episodes together, but altering the title to RUOStory when discussing it with Heather.[2]



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