Revenge is a Dish Best Served Five Times

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"Revenge is a Dish Best Served Five Times"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 11
Episode 11
Directed by Alexandra Moffitt
Written by Maci & Sophia Blanca
Production code 1111
Original air date November 18, 2022
Episode chronology
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"Veteran's Day in Quillsville, Indiana"
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"Kill Homer: Volumes I, II, & III"

"Revenge is a Dish Best Served Five Times" is the eleventh episode of Queen of the Willis' eleventh season. It originally aired on first-run syndication in the United States on November 18, 2022. It was written by Maci Blanca and her wife Sophia Williams, and directed by Alexandra Moffitt.


After Angie's SUV is cut off by the Rich Hoosier while driving to the airport for their Miami vacation, Angie's motivation for revenge prompts her family to tell five stories concerning vengeance, hoping to convince Angie that pursuing revenge is not a good idea.

The Count of Monte Fatso[edit]

Ava tells a cautionary tale of revenge taking place in 19th century France, parodying the novel The Count of Monte Cristo.

Heather, parodying Fernand, breaks up the marriage of Ava and Angie, parodying Edwina Dantès and Mercedes respectively, by framing Angie as an English traitor. When Heather marries Ava, Angie, now in a French prison, swears revenge. Her cellmate, Mandy, parodying Abbéy Faria, tells Angie to find her buried treasure through a tunnel Mandy dug. After initial failure, Angie finds the riches and becomes the Count of Monte Cristo. Five years later, Angie invites Heather and Ava to a party at her mansion, where Angie kills Heather with a homemade machine, expecting Ava to take him back. However, Ava angrily rebuffs her for killing Heather, asking, "Now who's going to take care of the triplets?" and showing her the triplets she had with her.

At the end of the story, Ava's explanation is that revenge can lead to misery and sadness. However, Angie was listening to the radio at the time and was unintentionally reminded of her revenge.

Puttin' on the Kitty Cat[edit]

Tabby, parodying Tom, chases Shushu, parodying Jerry into a cat pound and the cats expel Tabby. Shushu, sitting on Heather's back, taunts Tabby. Tabby notices a cat statue and steals the head. She walks like a cat and sneaks into the cat pound, but loses the head. She attempts to pull it out when Heather, parodying Spike, notices her. Tabby puts herself back under the head and meows. Heather turns and walks away.

Tabby frees the head and Shushu sneaks up behind her and imitates meowing. Tabby is startled and almost bites through the wall before she sees the cat and chases Shushu, spotting her in a bone-hat. Tabby bolts after her, and Shushu hides. Convinced that the end of the bone nearby is Shushu in disguise, Tabby grabs it and is met by an angry Heather. As Heather chomps down, Tabby causes Heather to swallow her bone and hides underneath a huge Persian (parodied by Alaina), which falls asleep and Tabby pops out from under it without the cat head. Tabby wakes the cat and is hanging from the collar. Tabby attaches the head to her rear and pops out again, waking the cat again. The cat sees Tabby's head, but Tabby switches ends and leaves. Tabby hides in a barrel and notices Shushu is doing the same. She breaks open the barrel and chases Shushu until she hides in another cat's fur. This wakes up the cat and she scratches both Shushu and Tabby out of her fur. Shushu stops, trips Tabby, and gains the cat head for herself. Heather comes around the corner and briefly sees Tabby's real head, but Tabby quickly hides it. Shushu leaves and Heather (now looking quite frightened) looks at Tabby's apparently headless body, which cheerfully waves at her then waddles off after its 'head'. This proves to be the last straw for poor Heather, who emits a terrified, feminine scream heard.

Tabby waddles after her "head", but fails to spot the pole in her way and bumps into it, returning to normal. Seeing cat ears like the ones on the cat head in a nearby barrel, Tabby grabs them and is met with an angry yellow cat. Tabby ties up her mouth with her own collar and runs away. Tabby sees Shushu follow the path close to her and prepares to seize her; unfortunately, Heather is also coming around the corner. Tabby grabs Heather and tries to fit her over her head. When she can't move after a few steps, Tabby realizes something is up and sees the lobster chomping and snapping her claws at her. Tabby hides behind a wall and spots Shushu. In her path, though, is a long cat akin to a train stop. The cat apparently a Tabby with two heads, until Shushu reveals herself and sticks her tongue out at Tabby. Shushu dashes off and Tabby traps her, but soon realizes that it is her means of disguise and sticks it over her head just as Heather arrives. Shushu raises the head and turns the head in an effort to expose Tabby until Heather lifts the head himself, whereupon Tabby covers all of herself (except her feet) with the head and waddles off.

Tabby lifts the head and whacks herself in an effort to flatten Shushu, but she escapes; causes a bump on Tabby's head. Tabby can no longer hide herself when Heather comes around, and finally sees through Tabby's disguise, with Shushu clearing it up by holding up a sign with the words "Yes, stupid, it's a transgender female dog Melissa Rose performed SRS on!".

When Heather sees the truth, she lets out a roar like a buffalo roar and leaps into the air for the sake of revenge. Tabby panics and tunnels into the ground in an attempt to escape, but Heather digs her up with her lobster claws. The chase wakes up all the other cats, who join the chase. Tabby is chased to the top of a flagpole and Shushu with cat head starts meowing at Tabby. The others stop meowing as they now hear Shushu. She loses the head, but retrieves it, and continues meowing at Tabby.

Revenge of the Geeks[edit]

Titled as a parody on the movie Revenge of the Nerds and the Revenge of the Male Anchors episodes, Brynn's story revolves around Sonia Fischer's campaign to fight back against the school bullies and the consequences when she goes too far.

Tired of being bullied by Leah Cooper, Maria Aik, and Chris Light, the geeks plan their revenge. In the science lab, Marla Pence reveals her latest creation, The Getbackinator, a weapon that shoots a ray causing the targeted individuals to perform various playground tortures on themselves such as wedgies and wet willies. Sonia Fischer and Jackie Kendall—the only geeks with hand–eye coordination—uses the weapon on the bullies, but then begins attacking anyone who has ever (accidentally or on purpose) wronged them, including their own friends, such as Marla for accidentally hitting her with a shuttlecock, Robyn for being more popular with transboys, and Wendee for not giving her "Chinese cuts" in the lunch line. Marla even shoots a first-day student of the school who had never done anything to him, claiming it is "prevenge". Afterwards, Alison Muntz, whom Marla forgot about, returns from an absence due to mumps and finds the weapon. Alison ends up using the weapon against Marla.

Angie enjoys the story, because it has what she likes in a story: an ending. Brynn claims the moral of the story is that taking revenge makes a person as bad as those who hurt them; Angie claims that the moral is for someone to never put down their weapon, at which point she draws a baseball bat and resumes her pursuit of revenge.

A Tale of Cat vs. Dog. vs. Lobster[edit]

A dog and a cat, Babbit and Catsello (respectively parodied by Tabby and Shushu), are looking for food to alleviate their hunger. Babbit gets a ladder when they see a lobster (Heather) in the lobster tank. Catsello is at first Reluctant but manages to go up the ladder and down the tank. After hijinks and a not so subtle nod at the hays office ensue, Babbit and Catsello make up a makeshift Hanglider/Plane and try to swoop down and catch the lobster. The pilot is Catsello, but the lobster is an Air Raid Warden. The lobster calls a blackout and Anti-Air guns Shoot Catsello Down. The lobster walks by and just as Babbit and Catsello are gonna catch the lobster screams at the dog and cat to "TURN OUT THOSE GOD DAMNED LIGHTS!".

Brynnwoman Begins[edit]

Having missed their flight to Miami, Angie begins to approach the Rich Hoosier to enact her revenge until Mandy offers to recount "Brynnwoman's 'origin story'", based on Batman's origin as revealed in the film Batman Begins.

After leaving the Gotham City Opera House, Ava and Angie, parodying Tommisue and Martha Wayne respectively, are killed by Horatio Cruz, parodying Joe Chill, in a dark alley. For her last words, Ava pleads Brynn, who is parodying Briana Wayne, to avenge her "in flamboyant, impractical fashion". Brynn does as her father says and swears revenge on Horatio, giving birth to her superhero alter ego, Brynnwoman. The alter ego is achieved with the help of her maternal grandfather, who had a past alter ego as the Crimson Cockatoo. Brynnwoman flies around Gotham City, defeating enemies in her way for justice. The villains' Quillsville identities are Principal Ryder (The Roker), Melissa Rose (The Diddler), Tina Craven (Ms. Freeze), Tabby and Shushu (Sugar and Spice), and Heather (Poison Heather), who was not actually a villain, but a drag king. When Serpent, Horatio's alter ego, attempts to steal the "Stealable Jewels of the Orient" from the Gotham Natural History Museum, Brynnwoman arrives, retrieves the Jewels, and kills Serpent by impaling him on the fangs of a snake statue. Afterward, Kendra Kendall, parodying reporter Vicki Vale, reminds Brynnwoman that the Serpent's death will not bring his parents back. Brynnwoman agrees that she has a point, but adds that she feels better since she finally avenged the death of her parents, and has now gained "zillions of dollars" and freedom from said parents.

In conclusion, Brynn says that revenge can be satisfying and thus goes against the wishes of Ava and Mandy. However, during the story, Angie is seen to have made amends with the Rich Hoosier after hearing that they are both from Utah.

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