Brandi's Willing to Dress

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"Brandi's Willing to Dress"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 7
Written by Alexandra Moffitt
Production code 7##
Original air date 2012
Episode chronology
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"Brandi's Willing to Dress" is the _____ episode of the NoSirGifts animated television series Queen of the Willisbroadcast in the 7th season. The episode was originally scheduled to be the series finale.


Production notes[edit]

As the episode was originally intended as the series finale, it includes references to earlier episodes. For example, in the ending wedding scene, a montage of many 'one-time' and other minor characters from previous episodes at the wedding, including the social worker (Paige Hall) from the first episode, Cheryl Parker, Ava's half-brother Vladamir, Paige Pamhouser, and Melissa's mother Bill Rose are seen. Barbara Hobbs appears at the end of the wedding scene. Once an often recurring character in early seasons, she has rarely appeared in more recent episodes. However, a future running gag after season 7 is maintained when the wedding song Crystal Gayle plays for Deanna and Brandi turns, as does everything else she plays, into "You Take Me Away to Another World".

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