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"Pretty Fly for Angie"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 12
Directed by Robyn Hurd
Written by Robyn Hurd
Production code 332
Original air date March 20, 2009
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Death Picks Craven"
Next →
"Ava's Nasty Business"

"Pretty Fly for Angie" is the twelfth epiosde of the third season of the animated comedy-drama series Queen of the Willis. It originally aired on first-run syndication in the United States on March 20, 2009. The episode's title is a parody of the 1998 song "Pretty Fly For a White Guy".

The episode was written and directed by Robyn Hurd. The episode guest stars Ice Cube as Gavin Duvall, and Jennifer Hudson as Rochelle King.


Ava’s patience grows short when Rochelle King, Craven Gifts’ new employee, makes so many snafus it costs Ava her lunch plans with Angie. With no one else to dine with, Angie goes to lunch with Rochelle. The pair soon become fast friends, and Rochelle expresses a desire to get her GED. Angie promises to tutor Rochelle, and when she learns that Rochelle hasn’t a place to live, she also offers her the den—despite Ava’s vehement objections. Soon after, Rochelle hooks up with “a friend,” Larry, who is passing through town. Unbeknownst to Ava and Angie, Rochelle is a prostitute, and Larry is one of her customers.

When Rochelle returns home, she gives Ava fifty dollars as a way of expressing her gratitude for putting her up. Ava is pleased. Later, while walking through the Quillsville Westgate Mall, Rochelle points out a revealing outfit on a mannequin and tells Angie that she would look nice in it. Soon after, Rochelle focuses on giving Angie a complete makeover. When Rochelle returns home, Ava realizes that Rochelle is having a "date" with Mayor Kelso and Richard Miles on the same night. Ava sees nothing wrong with a woman having a number of suitors. Later, Rochelle introduces the made-over Angie, who sports prostitute-like makeup, teased hair and a short skirt. Ava approves, telling Angie she looks “hot.” Rochelle then gives Ava a cowboy-style hat with a big feather. Later, when Mayor Kelso drops by the house, Angie insists that Mayor Kelso stay for one of her home-cooked meals–much to Kelso’s disdain. Later, Ava observes Rochelle having an argument with a man and decides to step in. Wearing her feather hat and driving Peggy’s vintage Merddy, Ava confronts the man, whose name is Dale. When Rochelle explains that the man took her money, Ava demands its return. Frightened, and mistaking Ava for a pimp, Dale hands over the cash. Later, a man named Gavin Duvall, the “main man” of Dayton, confronts Ava and introduces himself as Rochelle’s pimp. Gavin accuses Ava of “trickin’ Rochelle out all over town.” Ava puts all of the pieces together and realizes that Rochelle is a prostitute and Gavin thinks she has been acting as Rochelle’s pimp.

As a stunned Angie observes, Ava confronts Rochelle at the Quillsville public library's west branch. Later, as she drives Angie and Rochelle home, Ava is rear-ended by Gavin. Ava tries to outrun him to no avail. When Rochelle requests that Ava stop the car so she can exit and return with Rochelle to Dayton, Ava slams on the brakes. She steps out of the car and tells Gavin to do likewise. Ava then hands Gavin all of the cash Rochelle gave her and states that Rochelle is now her “ho.” Rochelle takes the money and drives off, after Rochelle mistakes Angie for one of Ava's prostitutes and tries to take her off Ava's hands.


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