Quillsville Cold Case: Sweating Bullets

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"Quillsville Cold Case: Sweating Bullets"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 12
Episode 13/14/15/16
Directed by Karly Jameson
Written by Karly Jameson
Produced by [[]]
Featured music see article
Original air date February 2024 (2024-02)
February 2024 (2024-02)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"Veteran Queen"
Next →
"A Quillsville Christmas Story"

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"Quillsville Cold Case: Sweating Bullets" is the four part episode of the twelfth season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. The episode originally aired in broadcast syndication in the United States in February 2024, depending on market as Aeverine Zinn Digial Media Group allowed stations to air one, two or a four hour episode for this episode only.

The episode was written and directed by Karly Jameson.


When ballistics tie a recent murder case of Ava Willis' to a serial killer who was seemingly inactive for 27 years. A tough Indianapolis FBI agent and former Quillsville Metropolitan Police Department officer who has ties to Brad Hunter shows up to enlist the team's aid in finding the killer who has eluded him for 30 years. After determining the serial killer's identity - and some of his likely future targets - Quillsville Police and the Indianapolis FBI work together to apprehend him while trying to locate and protect the people he's preparing to kill.

Production and development[edit]

Cultural references[edit]


  • Ava Zinn as Ava Willis, Albert Willis, Mandy Willis, Shushu Willis, Tabby Willis, Heather Willis, Kendra Kendall, Anna Pamhouser, QMPD Captain Brad Hunter,
  • Karly Jameson as herself, Angie Willis, Brynn Willis, Judge Samantha Turner, QMPD Officer Kymberly Millspaugh
  • Rachael Passalt as Deanna Willis,
  • Alexandra Moffitt as Stephanie Rose, Angela Stroup, QMPD Officer Elaine Reed
  • Cathryn Everman as Sarah Donaldson, QMPD Officer Kayla Burnside
  • Jacqui Fountaine as QMPD Detective Jill Tucker
  • Kendra Ray as Melissa Rose, QMPD Officer Ramona Battishill,
  • Luka Runecraft as Miles Kendall,
  • Alisan Porter as herself
  • Avril Lavigne as herself
  • Kassie DePaiva as Brandi Souza
  • Eboni Hill as Sharane Hamilton, QMPD Lieutenant Courtney Allen
  • Donna Doogan as Maribel Sabo, ADA Kristy Ellis, QMPD Officer Amber Connoway
  • Sophia Blanca as QMPD Commissioner Jane Chelsea Wolf
  • Melvin Runecraft as QMPD Lieutenant Nick Jeffries
  • Hannah Wilson as DA Pia Yoque
  • Frank Davidson as QMPD Officer Jarett Dailey,
  • Kylie Dwyar as ME Anita Mowery
  • Louis Durant as QMPD Officer Jon Chapman
  • Bryant Cortos as QMPD Detective Hunter Arnold
  • Lanise McClannahan as QMPD Detective Amy Richards
  • Breeanna Sorensen as QMPD Detective Larisa Mack
  • Kathryn Morris as QMPD Sergant Lilly Rush
  • Nicole Pence as Mayor Pence


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