Quillsville Cold Case: Cruel & Desperate Justice

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"Quillsville Cold Case: Cruel & Desperate Justice"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 12
Episode 21/22
Directed by Ava Zinn
Written by Ava Zinn
Produced by [[]]
Featured music see article
Original air date May 10, 2024 (2024-05-10)
May 17, 2024 (2024-05-17)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"Animal Fight"
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"Quillsville Cold Case: Peggy Harvey"

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"Quillsville Cold Case: Cruel & Desperate Justice" is the two part season finale episode of the twelfth season of the American animated television series Queen of the Willis. The episode originally aired in broadcast syndication in the United States from May 10 and 17, 2024, depending on market as Aeverine Zinn Digial Media Group allowed stations to air one, two or four hour episodes for this episode only. In the episode, Angie's father, Bob Donaldson (voiced by himself) takes justice into his own hands when his then-16 year old daughter's (voiced by Laura Donaldson) rapist, Greg Metcalf (voiced by guest star) is acquitted of criminal charges.

The episode was written and directed by series creator Ava Zinn. It marks the final apperarance of Akim Anastopoulo, who retires after 52 years presiding over Quill Superior 5 Court. It also marks the first appearance of Amy Donaldson, who was given up for adoption and reunited with Laura Donaldson after 20 years and Dan Martinez, Laura's boyfriend at the time.


The episode opens on April 10, 2003. A man named Greg Metcalf, who is in college, attends FeatherStock 2003 at Babyface Regional High School (now Lee Kelso High School). Three girls are mad/depressed. The next shot shows Laura Donaldson's raped and badly beaten body inside of the school during FeatherStock. The box is titled Donaldson, L.

Lilly Rush and Ava Willis are at Robyn & Holly's Vegetarian Buffet when Ava is informed by Laura to rexamine her rape from 2003.

The detectives find out that Greg Metcalf has raped not only Laura Donaldson in 2003, but also raped two more girls back in 2001 and 2000. Jana Miller and Cristi Lankenpeel go to Ramona Battishill (then Rayvon Battishill), who was (and is still) a police officer in 2003 and was told that someone raped a girl in 2002. They both find out that two of the victims who was raped by Greg Metcalf was Amelia Bartram and Tom Willis.

Later that night in 2003, Skye must cover for a co-member of her women's club and host a club luncheon; however, the luncheon runs late, leaving her unable to pick up Laura (who's staying after school to work on a science project as well as attending FeatherStock). Since Angie is in Indianapolis for a meeting concerning a business deal, Skye calls Ava at Craven Gifts where she worked at the time and asks her to pick Laura up, but Ava inadvertently forgets about it as she had been working overtime as she was supposed to be at Babyface High.

However, once on the road, Ava runs into a traffic jam and doesn't get there until much later. Not finding Laura anywhere on the school grounds, she hurries home and tells Angie, Deanna, Tom, Rags (now Tabby), Heather, Bob and Skye the news; Skye returns to the school with Ava, but they are still unable to find Laura, and the police are called, who soon discover the presence of blood and suspect it might be Laura's.

Unable to sleep that night, the Willis family receive a visit from Officer Amy Richards on the case, who found Laura on the side of Steve Alford Avenue after being raped and badly beaten, which left her in a coma. She is brought to the local hospital's ICU while the police try to determine if the crime was committed by a school faculty member or a stranger. A tearful Ava immediately says she feels like what happened was her fault as she worked overtime at Craven Gifts, but Skye assures Ava that is not the case.

Lilly Rush and Ava Willis go to Amelia Bartram, who was the second victim of rape by Greg Metcalf. Amelia tells Rush and Willis how Amelia met Greg in the school library. Amelia says that she regrets that day.

The detectives looks into Greg Meltcalf's yearbook. They see that Greg drew a rose on four girls' pictures'. They soon to see that more girls and transboys were targets of the murder of Greg Metcalf, and of course the victims of rape.

Nick Jeffries and Jana Miller get call of the girls and transboys that Greg Metcalf have drew a rose onto their pictures. Though, they could not bring in Tom Willis, who died in 2011.

Lilly Rush first talks to Harold Dautrive (then Lorrie Dautrive), who was a second transboy that Mike raped. Harold chose not to tell anybody what happened, because he thinks that it was his own fault.

Ava Willis talks to her own sister-in-law Laura Donaldson, the third girl that Greg Metcalf raped. Laura tells her roomate/best friend about what happened. Her best friend says that she asked for it.

Lilly Rush talks to Gina, who was another raped girl. She tells Lilly that she met up again with Mike outside of the school. Later on, she told the Principal Eric Halvordson of what Greg did. But, of course, nothing happened.

The detectives talk to Angie Willis admits that she regrets of not believing that Laura and Tom were raped. Angie also tells Ava and Lilly she saw Ramona Battishill, outside of his room, holding Tom's diary.

Lilly Rush and Cristi Lankenpeel comes to talk to Ramona Battishill. Battishill stated she felt bad that Greg Metcalf raped more than one girl/transboy. Also, she says that she went into Amelia's apartment to explain her that if she was in imminent danger she could kill Greg in self-defence, and wouldn't be put to jail. She put a gun in Amelia's mailbox to let her "protect herself".

The detectives talk to Amelia Bartram once more, along with her lawyer, Sarah Donaldson, who is also her best friend. Sarah refuses to let Amelia talk to the detectives of what happened. They leave the interview room, without any interviews.

Lilly and Nick go to the girl's bathroom, where the girls in the school kept notes for each other and such. The girls who were victims of rape all left notes on the wall. Tom wrote: "GM Raped Me, I told my mom and she said it was my fault". Gina wrote: "I told the principal and nothing happened", Amelia wrote: "I told the cops and nothing happened", Laura wrote: "I told my roommate and she said I asked for it", Harold wrote: " I didn't tell anyone because it was my fault". Also, all the girls and transboys wrote "We must stop him together FOREVER".

They talk to Harold, Laura and Gina. They admit that they did meet up with Greg in school, with Amelia holding the gun. But Amelia doesn't shoot him, she recalls "I don't want to be like him" and she walks away, along with Regie, Laura and Harold.

Hours later, a suspect is arrested: Greg Metcalf, the janitor at Babyface High School. As it turns out, Greg had two molestation charges in Michigan, but they did not show up on his background check. While detectives assure Skye, Bob, Ava, and Angie that they have a slam-dunk case, a number of discrepancies soon come to the surface in court, culminating in a solid alibi from Greg's parents, Dean and Amy (Metcalf) Joiner, who testifies that their son was dining with her in the cafeteria when the crime occurred, and despite having enough evidence as a result, Greg was found not guilty for Laura's rape in the present day as they did not find Laura's baby in time.

Lilly Rush and Ava Willis go and talk to Bob Donaldson and Amelia, because Bob admits that he followed Greg and after the girls left, he picked up the gun and as Bob attempted to shoot Greg, Ava had beat Bob to the punch. Lilly coaxes him in to saying he picked up the gun because he was scared and he felt Greg was a threat to his life. Nick Jeffries and Brad Hunter are observing and they choose to ignore the coaxing. As a consequence, as seen in the trial Bob Donaldson was found not guilty for the murder of Greg Metcalf and the was jury was ruled to be a justifiable homicide after the fact.

Seeing Greg smiling and laughing about the acquittal, a grief-stricken Bob suddenly snaps, pulls out a gun, and shoots Greg in open court, critically wounding him but after Greg is shot by Ava.

After Bob is released on bail following his arrest, Laura emerges from her tramua, though a psychologist reveals that it will take more time for her to recall the traumatic events she went through, and that she'll need support from her family and psychiatric help. In the meantime, Bob manages to secure a defense attorney Sarah Donaldson, who is Bob's youngest daughter.

Later that day, a tearful Laura has suddenly learned after 21 years about everything her mother has been through, along with her own ordeal (as Ava and Angie had filled her in), and in an emotional scene, Bob does her best to help her understand. However, this decision later sets off an argument between Angie and Bob, during which Ava accuses Angie of blaming her for what happened to Laura.

However, Ava now sees the validity in what Skye told her 21 years earlier, and assures Skye mother that none of them are at fault. Not long afterwards, the trial finally begins, with Bob attempting to prove that he had lost control of himself in the moment he allegedly shot Greg Metcalf. However, the jury ultimately returns a not guilty verdict on the charge of involuntary manslaughter, and a sentencing date is set for two weeks later, but realizing that any further strain would not be good for Bob or the family, Sarah makes a motion for a more immediate sentence, which is granted, and the date is moved up to the following day.

Just before the sentence can be handed down the next day, a voice from the gallery requests to address the court: Amy Joiner, who admits to having provided a false alibi for Greg Metcalf at his original trial, thinking the courts could prove Greg's crime without their help. Realizing everything Laura has been through, and knowing jail time will neither bring Greg back nor make what he did to Laura go away. In his final judgment and moved by her statement, the judge finds Quillsville Metropolitan Police Department liable and the police department ordered to pay $5 million.

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  • Ava Zinn as Ava Willis, Albert Willis, Mandy Willis, Shushu Willis, Tabby Willis, Heather Willis, Kendra Kendall, Anna Pamhouser, QMPD Captain Brad Hunter, Dr. Mario Coxson, Helen Turner
  • Karly Jameson as herself, Angie Willis, Brynn Willis, Judge Samantha Turner, QMPD Officer Kymberly Millspaugh
  • Rachael Passalt as Deanna Willis,
  • Alexandra Moffitt as Stephanie Rose, Angela Stroup, QMPD Officer Elaine Reed
  • Cathryn Everman as Sarah Donaldson, QMPD Officer Kayla Burnside
  • Jacqui Fountaine as QMPD Detective Jill Tucker
  • Kendra Ray as Melissa Rose, QMPD Officer Ramona Battishill,
  • Luka Runecraft as Miles Kendall,
  • Alisan Porter as herself
  • Avril Lavigne as herself
  • Kassie DePaiva as Brandi Souza
  • Eboni Hill as Sharane Hamilton, QMPD Lieutenant Courtney Allen
  • Donna Doogan as Maribel Sabo, ADA Kristy Ellis, QMPD Officer Amber Connoway
  • Sophia Blanca as QMPD Commissioner Jane Chelsea Wolf
  • Melvin Runecraft as QMPD Lieutenant Nick Jeffries
  • Hannah Wilson as DA Pia Yoque
  • Frank Davidson as QMPD Officer Jarett Dailey,
  • Ann Dwyar as Julian Teekerman
  • Kylie Dwyar as Kaity Kendall, ME Anita Mowery
  • Louis Durant as QMPD Officer Jon Chapman
  • Bryant Cortos as QMPD Detective Hunter Arnold
  • Lanise McClannahan as QMPD Detective Amy Richards
  • Breeanna Sorensen as QMPD Detective Larisa Mack
  • Eric Halvorson as Superintendent Halvorson
  • Kathryn Morris as QMPD Sergant Lilly Rush
  • Bob Donaldson as himself
  • Fanchon Stinger as herself
  • Laura Donaldson as herself
  • Diane Willis as herself
  • Nicole Pence as Mayor Pence


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