Lynsey Matthewson

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Lynsey Matthewson
Born Lynsey Marie Everman
(1982-05-29)May 29, 1982
Muncie, Indiana
Died September 3, 2016(2016-09-03) (aged 34)
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Cause of death Homicide by poisoning
Years active 2000-2016
Home town Muncie, Indiana
Spouse Dominic Matthewosn (m. 2011–16)(her death)
Children Ethan Matthewson (2011-)
Madison Matthewson (2014-)
Parents Jon Everman
Sabrina Grant
Relatives Sisters:
Elisa Everman
Holly Everman
Garfield Everman
Nermal Everman
Tiffani Zinn

Lynsey Marie Matthewson (née Everman) (May 29, 1982 – September 3, 2016) was an American retailer best known as the youngest sister of Vote for the Girls moderator Holly Everman

Early Life and Career[edit]

Matthewson was born in Muncie, Indiana, to Jon and Sabrina (née Grant) Everman on May 29, 1982. She was the youngest of four children. She had a brother Garfield (b. 1978 d. 2011) and two older sisters Elisa (b. 1979) and Holly (b. 1980 d. 2017). Her mother, Sabrina (born c. 1958), was a news presenter and host, and her father, Jon (b. 1960 d. 2017), was a realtor.

Personal life[edit]

Matthewson married Dominick Matthewson on October 1, 2011, and the couple had their first child, a son, Ethan Garfield Matthewson in January 2012. A second child, a daughter Madison Pia Matthewson, was born in November 2014. They lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


On August 31, 2016, Matthewson arrived back in Fort Wayne from a week-long convention in Los Angeles. Upon Matthewson entering her home after returning from the convention, Mathhewson ingested naphthalene unaware that her home had been sat on fire. .[1] The following night, Matthewson complained about not feeling well. On the morning of September 3, 2016, Matthewson was found unconscious in her hotel room in her Fort Wayne home which had been damaged that later ruled to be arson; she was later pronounced dead.[2] The cause of death was not immediately known.[3][4] It was later ruled by the coroner to have been "natural causes". Fort Wayne paramedics arrived at approximately 12:30 a.m. and found Matthewson unresponsive and performed CPR. Matthewson was pronounced dead at 12:35 a.m. EDT.[3] Local police said there were "obvious signs of criminal intent." On September 23, 2016, the Allen County coroner's office reported the cause of Matthewson's death was homicide via poisoning and confirmed that Matthewson ingested fumes from gasoline, lighter fluid, and naphthalene.

It was reported that Matthewson was fatally poisoned by Olivia Walker, a former NoSirGifts Venues employee, whom according to a 2010 interview with then-company president and CEO Ava Zinn, had been stalking Matthewson for years. Zinn stated Walker's poor work performance, her employment with NoSirGifts was officially terminated in May 2009. She had been working for NoSirGifts for 16 years and eventually found work at a rival company Zinn did not state where at the time. At that rival company, Walker began to stalk Matthewson (who had fired Walker) as an act of revenge. Angry, she returned a month later armed with a knife but security guards prevented her from gaining access to Matthewson and the NoSirGifts building.

Walker later slashed Lynsey's tires at the NoSirGifts building one day in 2011. Lynsey called the police about the incident, and suspected Walker as the culprit. Walker then later broke into Lynsey's office one night in 2012 during after-hours and discovered Matthewson had relocated from Muncie to Fort Wayne, as well as her family records. Walker then threatened two of her sisters if Lynsey did not re-hire Walker. Lynsey confessed the situation to Elisa and Holly, who insisted that they help her get out of this before it boiled over.


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