Angie, Angie, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

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"Angie, Angie, Fight! Fight! Fight!"
Queen of the Willis episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 1
Directed by Holly Everman
Written by Christina Applegate
Production code 418
Original air date August 20, 2010
Guest actors

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Episode chronology
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← Previous
"Viva Quillsville"
Next →
"Revenge of the Male Anchors 3"

Angie, Angie, Fight! is the fifth season premiere episode episode of Queen of the Willis. It was first aired on Ausgut 20, 2010. The episode was written by Christina Applegate, and directed by Holly Everman.


Ava' wealthy grandaunt Shirley Willis comes to visit, but drops dead the second she arrives. A videotaped message from Great Aunt Shirley informs Ava that she has inherited New Haven Manor in New Haven, Indiana. At their arrival, the Willis receive a warm musical welcome from the house's staff, who immediately leave afterward because Shirley only paid them up to the song. Angie hires them back after admitting that she secretly sold the Willis' former house in Quillsville.

Angie has trouble fitting in with the blueblood cluster after disgusting everyone with a story about a rat at the yacht club, while Rags adapts immediately to ordering servants around, even commanding two to fight to the death for his amusement. Angie begs Heather to teach her how to be a lady. After several attempts through regular methods, Heather resorts to shock therapy. That night, Angie arrives at a very ritzy charitable auction in a new persona, "Lady Angie Anne Willis the First" ("Lady Willis"). Ava is shocked to see Angie behaving herself and conversing easily with the upper crust crowd. Unfortunately, she also appears to believe herself fabulously wealthy, as she nonchalantly bids $10,000,000 for a 19th-century vase.

Ava demands that the family return to Quillsvllle as soon as possible; she says that she now remembered why she left Northeast Indiana: because it changed people in much the same way that her family is changing. Heather is only able to snap Angie out of her delusion by comparing her to Samantha Mercelli and smashing one of her Quantum Leap collector's glasses. Heather explains to Angie she is not really a millionaire. Although Angie returns to reality, she is still $10,000,000 short on covering her auction bid when Mrs. Ginwine from the Historical Society comes to collect. When Angie is trying to prove that millions of dollars of history happened in the mansion, she points to a note on the wall dated 26BC that states "Jesus was here" and a small toy train under the floor boards (which she pretends is part of Uncle Tom's Underground Cabin). Mrs. Ginwine sees through Angie's scams, however, and demands that she come up with the money by the morning. Ava tells Angie she is leaving her, only for Angie to say that the Lady Willis persona is dead and only Angie the towel girl is there. She bemoans how everyone was right about her not being good enough for Ava, but she explains she doesn't care what everyone else thinks. Just then, Angie finds a set of hidden photographs of several prominent American figures at New Haven Manor, which was a whorehouse at the time. Not only does the discovery make New Haven enormously valuable, but Angie sells one of the pictures to the tabloids to buy back her old house for double what she sold it for.

At the end of the episode, Angie no longer cares what Ava's family thinks of her, since Ava's ancestors were nothing more than "a bunch of hoes and johns" and does her signature laugh.


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