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Changes from past seasons

Season 6 Hosts

Season 6 Fall Cycle Moderator Panel

Kathi Jameson
Terminated 18 September 2014
Karly Ryder, Jr.
Terminated 12 November 2014

Season 6 Spring Cycle Moderator Panel

Kym Christian
(Duo moderator
with girlfriend Ava Zinn)

Michelle Steele, who had been a moderator since the fourth season, resigned on March 6, 2014 and later died on May 10, 2014 from injuries sustained in a car accident in Muncie, Indiana. Ariel Swaringen, who joined the panel at the start of the previous season as a condition of being the chief moderator of the UK version since that site's the first episode of the first series, died on March 22, 2014 from natural causes[1]. In January 2014, it was announced that Kellie Rock and Kathi Jameson would join the moderation panel while Khayla Chow filled in as guest moderator after Steele's resignation. Zinn, Everman, Rock, and Jameson were joined by new moderators Julia Passalt, Kym Christian, Karly Ryder, Jr., Lanise White, Tracia Ward, and Kendra Ray.

In September 2014, Ava Zinn announced that the site's web shows' opening round (on Rising Star) and quarter-finals (battle rounds and Knockouts on The Voice) have been dropped beginning with the seventh season of The Voice[2] Speaking on the change, she said "It [opening round and quarter-finals] was the one element of the site I wasn't happy with, and it looked too similar to what everybody else is doing."

These above changes all proved to be in place once the Dancing with the Stars 19 result shows began airing but were also accompanied by a number of other format tweaks. These additional changes most notably include the fact that the season will crown two victories in the event should a female win (typically a female winning the competition and a previous VFTG pick, or if two females (or two VFTG picks) are in the final two they are declared co-champions).

Prior to the conclusion of the fall cycle, Lanise White and Kendra Ray initially planned on leaving the panel to take a hiatus, but both had a change of heart and continued on for the Spring cycle as Rhonda Rhodes and Tracia Ward were brought in to replace Jameson and Ryder, respectively.
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