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The epsiode follows former Philadelphia Homicide Detective Lilly Rush (voiced by Kathryn Morris), a homicide detective who had moved from Philadelphia to Quillsville, who specializes in "cold cases" and investigations which are no longer being actively pursued by the department. They work under Lieutenant Katherine Stillman (vooiced by whom) and are assisted by other detectives from their squad—Nick Jefferies (voiced by Melvin Runecraft), Officer Triffani Donovan and Officer Dailey. Like in Cold Case, the detectives interviewed witnesses associated with the crime and piece together the story of what led the victims to their death. These interviews were accompanied by flashback sequences to the time of the murder which dramatized the testimony. Witness testimony, even from people who would later be revealed as the killer, was almost never false. At most the guilty party would lie by omission, leaving out critical details, or stopping their narrative before they implicated themselves. The witness testimony was also generally presented in chronological order so that it formed a cohesive linear story for the audience.

Unlike Cold Case, the episode distinguished by "double casting" in which the characters and witnesses would flash back and forth in the scene representing them as they looked at the time of the crime and in the present day. This was done with different voice actors as children or much younger selves especially if the year in question was well in the past. If it was judged that the character was not likely to have altered in appearance significantly except for weight and gray hair, the same actor would be used. This was not just with the guest actors themselves but sometimes with the detectives as well if they had any involvement in the original investigation. For example, Ava Willis flashed back and forth from 2009 (post-Ava's Makeover) to 2002 ("Pilot") and 1996 (as a male, voiced by Frank Davidson).


At the end of the episode, when Julie was exposed and confronted the confession would be in a flashback scene depicting the murder of Albert Willis. The scene would show the details with exceptions having to do with the utter heinousness of the underlying motive of the crime such as rape or sexual assault, in this episode Julie shot Ava and murdered Tom Willis. The police was shown arresting the Julie and walking them into custody. Julie Willis and other characters in the epsiode were seen as flashing back to their younger selves (from 2002) and as now. The spirit of Albert Willis was seen either by Ava Willis and accompanied by the playing of a song meant to symbolize the period in which the killing took place. That particular song was A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

No. TitleOriginal artist Length
1. "Complicated"  Avril Lavinge 4:04
2. "Everywhere"  Michelle Branch 3:36
3. "Ordinary Day"  Vansessa Carlton 3:58
4. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"  Kylie Minouge 3:50
5. "All You Wanted"  Michelle Branch 3:38
6. "A Thousand Miles" (Used as Julie Willis was sent into custody)Vansessa Carlton 3:57
7. "The Game of Love"  Santana featuring Michelle Branch 4:18
8. "I Want to Know What Love Is"  Mariah Carey 3:27
9. "I Can't Stop Loving You"  Phil Collins 4:18
10. "Goodbye to You" (Used in the closing credits)Michelle Branch 4:12
Total length: