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Alex Kinsey becomes first male supported by VFTG

Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton of Alex & Sierra, a pop duo competing on the third and final season of The X Factor was chosen as a supported contestant. [1] Kinsey became the first male contestant to be supported in the web site's history and the first time in site history that a male-female music duo had been picked[2], and the duo won that season and therefore made Holly Everman the winning moderator.

The duo, Everman and the web site were publicly congratulated upon Alex & Sierra's win by a Miami host who called the selection "an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey."[3]

Male Moderator crew added

On December 3, 2013, a new male moderator crew on Vote for the Girls was added as new element offering a buyout to the female moderator(s) to quit the respective competition before the program's results are revealed. The male moderator - later identified as Leonard Lai--, whose appearance and voice were not shown, will phone down to Zinn's phone on the podium. The Male Moderator and Zinn will converse (the Male Moderator's voice is never heard) and Zinn will then inform the moderators of the Male Moderatror's "offer", the amount of which depends on the number of female contestants remaining in the competition, in exchange for not to continue with the competition. The Male Moderator offers have since been posted on the site's Male Moderator Twitter page and also revealed at the end of the competition with the site's Vote for the Worst picks.

Opponents tweeted a negative reaction to the decision to allow Alex & Sierra as a supported contestant, which caused the web site to add a male moderator to by December 2013.[4]

Vote for the Worst (Ava Zinn version)

A year after Dave Della Terza announced that he would close the Vote for the Worst site, Ava Zinn announced in May 2013 on AvaZinn.com she was acquiring VFTW. But in February 2014, when the site's domain name was nearing expiration, the previous webmaster renewed the site for another year. This was the first season without Vote for the Worst.

Since the Ava Zinn version of Vote for the Worst began at the start of the 13th season of American Idol, Vote for the Worst picks are only male contestants, which are never revealed until the end of the competition. This differs from the Della Terza version, which encouraged fans of Della Terza version site to vote for the worst, most entertaining, most hated or quirkiest contestants from 2004 to 2013.

Vote for the Girls Brawl
Main article: Everman-Chow brawl

An April 2014 episode of the thirteenth season of American Idol on the Vote for the Girls set was disrupted with three minutes to go as a major altercation broke out between moderators and fans. This resulted in record-breaking suspensions, most notable of which was Holly Everman who received the longest suspension in the web site's history (two weeks after her first DUI arrest plus the fall cycle of the following season after her second DUI arrest). Aeverine Zinn Holdings also overhauled its venues-wide security policy.

Ava Zinn auctions off virginity

During the sixth season of The Voice, Ava Zinn criticized Indianapolis NBC affiliate WTHR, which the station was supporting eventual Vote for the Worst pick Josh Kaufman, an Indianapolis resident, and begs those to support the website's pick of Christina Grimmie instead. During the competition Zinn and WTHR anchorman Scott Swan then get into a heated Twitter-war and intercepts Kaufman's tweets and attempts to change their minds in supporting Vote for the Girls pick Christina Grimmie to the web site's fourth consecutive Voice victory to no avail.

During The Voice and 'American Idol competition, Zinn learns from a news report from WTHR,[5] that Kaufman was a white guy with guitar from Indiana competing on The Voice and all the male contestants on Idol were also white guys with guitars. Seeing this as a threat to Vote for the Girls, Zinn discusses this issue with the moderators and tries, to convince undecided voters to stop voting for the male contestants, as site chose M.K. Nobilette as well as Jessica Meuse and Jena Asciutto[6] to the web site's second consecutive Idol' victory, but also to no avail.

The male contestants on both competitions were mostly "white guys with guitars." The competitions became increasingly heated and the American public reacts defensively, refusing to accept the truth about WGWG's, and blaming others for no reason. Zinn concludes, "I think the competition's too far gone". After the eliminations of MK Nobilette, Majesty York, Malaya Watson, and a day after Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two the week following Watson's elimination, on April 18, 2014, Ava Zinn announced via a YouTube video that she would sell her virginity to the highest bidder as a Vote for the Girls punishment for failure. In the same video, Zinn laments the competition that lopsided with WGWG's are not normal for this kind of competition and announces that she would be auctioning off her virginity, and it is implied that she called off the competition for that reason.

In a concluding monologue, Zinn states that this is the first time she has ever watched a competition she could not pick a winner out of the remaining female contestants. Before calling off the competition she cites the fact that the American Idol season 13 competition has been lopsided with white guys with guitars (which are never supported on any competitions that Vote for the Girls follows), states that the American public and Zinn's home state of Indiana have upset the web site and are incapable of accepting the truth about white guys with guitars, and saw one of the most extreme punishments for failing to obtain a perfect season that eventually saw the moderators forced to participate in three make-up competitions at the start of the following season.
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