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American Idol XII

  • Kenzie Hall (Women's Semi-Finals)
  • Jillian Jensen (Women's Semi-Finals - PAINFUL ELIMINATION)
  • Brandy Neelly[b] (Women's Semi Finals - PAINFUL BANKRUPT)
  • Austin Wolfe (Women's Semi-Finals)
  • Marrialle Sellars[b] (Women's Semi-Finals - Painful Bankrupt)
  • Bria Anai (Women's Semi Finals)
  • Briana Oakley (Women's Semi-Finals)
  • Kristen O'Connor (Women's Semi-Finals to Top 13)
  • Emily Piriz (Women's Semi-Finals to Top 12)
  • M.K. Nobilette (Women's Semi-Finals to Top 10 - first time a transmale contestant had been supported by the site and only available to Zinn, Jameson and Steele)[AI13 1][1]
  • Malaya Watson[b] (Women's Semi-Finals to Top 8 Redux)
  • Jessica Meuse (Women's Semi-Finals to Top 4, second longest running ever American Idol pick--tied with Lauren Alaina)[AI13 2]
  • Jena Asciutto[b] (Women's Semi-Finals to finale, longest running ever American Idol pick - broke the record of Lauren Alaina and Jessica Meuse) - Runner-Up }[AI13 3]


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  1. The American Idol 13 and The Voice 6 competitions marked the first time in the site's history that conflict with the contestants from American Idol and The Voice prevented Zinn from completing the season. The male contestants on both competitions were mostly "white guys with guitars," which are never VFTG picks The competitions became increasingly heated and the American public reacted defensively, refusing to accept the truth about WGWG's, and blaming others for no reason. During one episode, Zinn concludes, "I think the competition's too far gone". After the eliminations of MK Nobilette, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson, and Jessica Meuse landed in the bottom two the week following Watson's elimination, and Zinn tells in a YouTube video on April 18, 2014, the competition that's basically lopsided with dreaded WGWG's are not normal for this kind of competition and announces that she would be auctioning off her virginity, and it is implied that she called off the competition for that reason. Though Zinn's picks remained valid.
  2. Upon learning of Malaya Watson was announced as the act with lowest number of votes for Top 7 reveal night on April 10, 2014, and taking offense of UK moderator counterpart Khayla Chow (by calling Chow a "bi-black bimbo") during the viewing of the Malaya's final performance Chow shoved Everman to the ground sparking the Vote for the Girls brawl. Hours later on the early morning hours of April 11, 2014, Everman was arrested under suspicion of DUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. Everman was suspended from April 14 to April 28. Though Everman's picks for The Voice remained valid.
The Voice 6
American Idol 13
  1. The pick of MK Nobilette was only available to Zinn, Steele, and Jameson. The VFTG pick of Nobilette drew controversy. This brought some angry responses on the site's Twitter page. Some even criticized Zinn for the decision for declaring Nobilette as a "transman" pick and earlier drew criticism on the United Kingdom version when that site declared James Byron as a "transgirl" pick on the third series of The Voice UK. Zinn's decision to declare the transman pick did not sit well with the transgender community despite the fact Zinn, a transgender woman herself (as well as Steele and Jameson) and the fact that much of the moderator panel are considered lesbians (Zinn, Steele, and Jameson are such transwomen as a result of their gender transitions their sexual orientation is considered to be lesbian (prior to their transitions, Zinn, Steele, and Jameson were all heterosexual males until 2004, 2012, and 2011, respectively) while Swaringen, Rock, and Everman--biological women--have came out as bisexuals in 2010, 1994, and 2000, respectively. In Zinn's defense, she mentioned that if fans want to vote for a male contestant -- MK Nobilette is the closest pick. Though there was speculation this spawned the brawl four weeks after Nobilette's elimination.
  2. Tied with VFTG pick Lauren Alaina as longest running pick until Jena Irene broke the record of 14 weeks.
  3. Initially VFTG Loss. Due to Jena Irene's record-breaking streak on the web site, the loss was overturned after the Vote for the Girls 100 Women Picked special aired. As a result, the two moderators' vetoes and VFTG Victories made this a perfect season. Winning moderator is Ava Zinn.
  4. Zinn initially chose Nobilette as a Best of Worst pick, but changed to a male pick based on appearance.
The X Factor USA 3
The Voice 5