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  • Until this episode, Ava wore glasses and her hair was brown layered.
  • While working overtime at Craven Gifts, she was seen wearing a black bra (with her blue blouse aside on her chair) and a long blue skirt as she watches a pornographic film or sex tape made.
  • This episode marks the first occasion where Ava is seen wearing a ponytail as she gets her hair naturally layered by Pam while at the same time Melissa performs breast augmentation while her hair gets layered. The hairstyle change and breast augmentation was performed at Melissa's sex change-a-bago. The ponytail is seen again in "Aeverine Kills Rags" in her final battle against Rags (now Tabby).
  • As of this episode, Ava has the following permanent changes in her appearance:
    • Ava is seen wearing a 38D bra size after Melissa performed the breast augmentation. This is confirmed in "Ava and the Great D Cups" after Ava flashed her breasts at Governor Joe Kerman.
    • Ava is shown having hair extensions and her hairstyle becomes more naturally layered and remained brown until "Ten Years To Life" after her hair become gray.
  • Angie's bra size is revealed to be a 36C bra size, making Ava having bigger breasts than Angie.