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The I-69ers is the unofficial name of the fan base involving the female moderators from the state of Indiana on American web site Vote for the Girls since its April 28, 2010.

The I-69ers currently have four moderators: Pink Team West moderator Tracia Matthewson from Fort Wayne (though Matthewson is originally from South Bend), Purple Team West moderator and VFTG founder/webmaster Ava Zinn from Marion (though Zinn was born near Chicago, Illinois, grew up in Van Buren and attended Mississinewa High School in Gas City), Pink Team East moderator Holly Everman from Muncie, and Purple Team East moderator Karly Jameson from the state's capital city of Indianapolis. In the fall of 2016, blue team villains Glenn Swaringen and Ted Shields (it is interesting to note that Swaringen and Sheilds were colleagues at WHOO Indianapolis while Shields co-anchored with Karly Jameson's mother from 1984 to 2015), joined the three females (Everman, Matthewson, and Jameson) and transfemale (Zinn).

In addition, Robyn Hurd, who had spent most of her career in Fort Wayne, and Leonard Lai, who was born in Evansville, were also part of the I-69ers respectively served as an original I-69er until her death on May 24, 2012 and an original Zinn's Villain from January 2012 until his death in October 2015.


Ava Zinn, Holly Everman, and Robyn Hurd have had a close friendship since 1989. On January 4, 1989, the then-27 year old Robyn Hurd became the first friend of then-6 year old Ava Zinn. Everman

Early years

Rise of the Vote for the Girls

Moderator fan clubs

In 2014, many fans organized fan clubs for their favorite moderators. Some of these fan clubs included Ava & Holly's the Cat Pound,[1] Karly's Klams,[2] among others.


Since the debut of Vote for the Girls, Zinn, Everman, Matthewson, Jameson, Swaringen, and Shields have enjoyed a large fan base in Indiana and Zinn has eclipsed Archibald Coolranch as the all-time winning moderator as of December 18, 2012. Of those six, Zinn has become the winning moderator on twelve occasions (seven as a solo moderator and five with her girlfriend Kymberly Alvaraz), Everman winning on three occasions, and Jameson winning once. Matthewson, Swaringen, and Shields are currently the only moderators not to win with Matthewson's best finish as moderator was third place on the fourteenth season of American Idol (Zinn's final pick, Nick Fradiani, was announced the winner and also Alvaraz's first win, though Matthewson's final pick, JAX, was declared the female winner), while Swaringen and Shields have yet to win.

While the site's success in Indiana gained it a large fan base nationally, many consider Ava Zinn auctioning off her virginity to Kymberly Alvaraz in 2014 as a threat if a female did not win American Idol's 13th season and eventually Christina Grimmie's third place finish to have been a cause for the strong fan base in other cities (especially in Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago, Indiana{{ndash))the respective hometowns of Alvaraz, Everman's girlfriend Perri Johnson, and Karly Jameson's wife Kathi). An instance of the site's fan base was during the twentieth season of Dancing with the Stars, which Littleton, Colorado native Riker Lynch was chosen by Zinn and Alvaraz in the spring cycle of the site's seventh season.

Many regional communities not officially associated with the "Indianapolis" or "Fort Wayne" market have overwhelming numbers of fans of Zinn, Everman, Matthewson, and Jameson who regularly flood local stations in Nashville, Tennessee [3] (of which Ava's longtime friend, Elaine Ellis, currently lives in Nashville); Louisville, Kentucky; Lexington, Kentucky; [4] and Columbus, Ohio with requests to show the technically "out of market" supported contestants.[5]

Josh Kaufman's controversial victory on The Voice could also be seen as a sign of the national reach of Vote for the Girls' fan base as well.

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