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In the episode, to engage in romance for Valentine's Day, Ava and Angie decide to take a second honeymoon (previously mentioned in "Ten Years to Life") as Angie schedules a 1980s-style murder mystery party on a train, but when Melissa ruins the surprise, thanks to Lilly Rush's discovery of what her role is, a new mystery crops up — after Ava and Angie have lesbian sex in the ships bathroom. Meanwhile, the sextuplets are on a blind date set up by Tabby with Brynn Cartelli, Maddie Poppe, Jena Asciutto, Jordan Smith, Britton Buchannan, and Nick Fradiani respectively up with Stuart, Brian, Ron, Emilie, Hillary, and Luanne (only to find out it was set-up); Brynn is left home alone and sneaks Caleb Mullins in; Mayor Pence appears to be man; and Heather is visited by her ex-boyfriends.