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Reassignments and realignment[edit]

With the arrival of Cathryn Swaringen and existing moderators, the main moderator panelists were realigned into eight divisions: four moderators in each division in the Women's Conference and four divisions in each conference, yet most the villains either left or moved to the Women's Confrence. The producers and directors tried to maintain the historical rivalries from previous alignments, while at the same time attempting to organize the moderators geographically. Legally, Ava Zinn, Alexandra Moffitt, Maribel Mort, Karly Jameson, and Cathryn Swaringen were required to be in different divisions as part of any realignment proposals.[1]

The major changes were: [2]

Relocation of Ava Zinn from Marion, Indiana to Fort Wayne, Indiana[edit]

On February 23, 2018, Ava Zinn exercised her option to relocate to Fort Wayne. [3]

Zinn and the city of Marion, Indiana were negotiating deals to keep Zinn in Marion, but officials in Marion balked at the terms. Publicly, city (Marion, IN), county (Grant County, IN) and state officials expressed no interest in providing further funding to keep Zinn in Marion in light of those entities, as well as taxpayers. As such, if a resolution was not reached by the end of the 2016–2017 TV season and the City of Marion, Indiana remains non-compliant in its obligations under the lease agreement, Zinn would be free to nullify her lease and relocate.

Zinn's relocation from Marion, Indiana to Fort Wayne became official on May 14, 2018.

Notable deaths[edit]

The following people associated with VFTG (or VFTW) have died in 2018.[4]

Tim Doogan[edit]

Purple Team North Moderator Tim Doogan died in Fort Wayne, Indiana on February 2, 2019. No cause of death was reported, but it was reported by Donna Doogan it was an alcohol overdose.[5][6]

Discipline for on-set incidents[edit]


On December 4, 2018, The elimination of DeAndre Nico on the fifteenth season of The Voice was met with criticism by the other moderator panelists when Adam Levine on The Voice made some controversial comments "throwing him under the bus" in favor of his other artist and Vote for the Girls' supported contestant Reagan Strange who was unable to perform in the Instant Save due to her sickness. Ava Zinn and Alexandra Moffit stated Nico's elimination was justified. However the 15 other moderators on the purple team then tried to get the six VFTG-supported contestants left on The Voice (Strange, Sarah Grace, Kymberli Joye, Chevel Shepard, MaKenzie Thomas, and Kennedy Holmes) over the two remaining Zinn's Villains picks (Chris Kroze and Kirk Jay) with disasarous results, causing Zinn to leave the set with Moffitt, which makes the fourth time Zinn leaves the set since season 6, but not leaving through the front door like season 6, leaving the 30 moderators behind. Zinn then returned to the set and called the fall cycle "dreadful" and said they "had better competitions than that", calling the Pink Team a "disaster" and the Purple Team "embarrassing".

On December 5, 2018, Pink Team South moderator Eboni Hill, Pink Team West moderator Leanna Claussen, Pink Team East moderators Sophia Blanca Maci Blanca, Lydia Delagatto, Karla Hansen, Pink Team North moderators Cathryn Everman and Olivia Everman, Purple Team South moderators Marla McClinton, Karen DuBois, Lauren Herman, Bria Savage, Purple Team West moderator Liza Black, Pink Team East moderator Sonia Donbar and Nadia Lorenzo all got in a shouting match with Zinn and Moffitt, after the eliminations of Dave Fenley, Nico, and Stange. An infuriated Zinn responded to this by dropping the pan on the floor and sending the Pink and Purple Teams to the news room. While doing this, Black continued to yell at Zinn and Hill continued to yell at Moffitt for respectively disrespecting Hill and Black, until Zinn was left with no choice but to call off the competition with a "loss", despite Chevel Shepard and Kennedy Holmes advancing to The Voice 15 final, effectively giving Red Team villain Phil Allen eventually his first moderator victory. This marked the fourth time a villain has been declared the winning villain after Archibald Coolranch (The Voice seasons 1 and 2), Leonard Lai (The Voice seasons 6 and 7), and Ted Shields (The Voice season 12) as well as the first villain with a female flex pick.

After the fifteenth season of The Voice finale, Zinn announced to all four teams teams that she disqualified Eboni Hill and Liza Black because she would not tolerate insults against her reputation for supporting female contestants.

Discipline for off-set incidents[edit]

Ava Zinn legal dispute, suspended for entire season

As previously mentioned, Purple Team North moderator and VFTG host Ava Zinn was interrogated on August 3 near her apartment in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on suspicion of errors made after failing to obtain approval prior to Zinn's move from Marion to Fort Wayne. Zinn ultimately made an out of court settlement on February 7, 2019. Zinn's daughters, Samantha and Tiffani took over Team Ava for the season.

Records, milestones, and notable statistics[edit]

Many of the site's moderator or villains season broke records or made history for the show in a number of ways:


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