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In 2018, the bathroom and living room scenes, along with The Story of Melissa's Mother's Heather's 60 second vomiting scenes as well as and Ten Years to Life's bedroom scene was reused in the tenth season premiere of Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn & Alexandra Moffitt for a series of YouTube cross-over videos promoting Vote for the Girls's supported contestants. In the 10th season premiere, Ava is watching Vote for the Girls on CBS, and informs Heather she watched one of the strangest episodes where she saw Ava Zinn sell her virginity to a 50 year old Denver, Colorado news anchorwoman and Heather tells Ava Willis that is was a bet Ava Zinn lost and works up the courage to tell Ava that she voted for Chloe Kohanski and Brynn Cartelli on The Voice. Ava gets enraged at the news as she voted for Addison Agen[1] and Christiana Danielle[1], and orders Heather to reconsider.

In the bedroom scene from "Ten Years to Life", as Ava and Angie are having lesbian sex, Ava yells out Maddie Poppe's name, so Angie realizes that Ava is imagining her as the American Idol 16 winner to maintain her libido. [1] In The Drunken Hoosier scene, Ava yells out Hannahlei Cabanilla's name as Ava and Angie have lesbian sex.

In the bathroom scene, Heather considers voting for contestants Milo Manheim and Juan Pablo di Pace on the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars (instead of Evanna Lynch and Aexis Ren following Tinashe's elimination)[1], Jensen Arnold on the fifteenth season of So You Think You Can Dance[1], Glennis Grace on the thirteenth season of America's Got Talent[1], Chris Kroze on the fifteenth season of The Voice (instead of Reagan Strange, Sarah Grace, Kymberli Joye, Chevel Shepard, MaKenzie Thomas and Kennedy Holmes) [1], and some guy Ava Zinn really hates on the 17th season of American Idol[1] (with Tabby mentioning Ava Zinn went undercover as a contestant to audition eight years earlier). In the first and fourth videos, Tabby brutally beats up Heather for her different votes, in their respective videos, asking "Where's my Vote for the Girls pick?" and forces her to vote for female contestants. In the second video, when Heather thinks about voting for Jensen Arnold, Tabby and Shushu does't beat Heather and Shushu instead says, "Well, it's about bloddy time you fucking cunt," and Tabby replies, "Now you're talking my language! Thank you, Heather!" with Shushu saying "I would have loved it if she won though, but Hannahlei (Cabanilla) won the fucking show." The scene cuts to the aforementioned Drunken Hoosier scene. In the third video, when Heather thinks about voting for Glennis, Tabbby doesn't beat her up and instead says, "Oh, fuck this. I'm not doing one for fucking America's Got Talent," referring to Archibald Coolranch's dominance.