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Queen of the Willis is set in the fictional large town of Quillsville, Indiana. The show centers around the Willis family, whose head is the ever-responsible, hard-working, loyal, disciplined, and honest Ava Willis (voiced by Ava Zinn). The pun title refers to Ava's wife, Angie, as Ava is the head of the family. Ava is employed as a manager (formerly assistant manager) at Craven Gifts, selling "retail and retail accessories". She is very traditional and moral, and she takes exceptionally good care of her speaking anthropomorphic dog, Rags/Tabby Willis; cat Shushu; and crab Heather (all also voiced by Ava Zinn), which she treats, more often than not, as a member of the family and as a human. Ava is married to Angie Willis (née Donaldson) (voiced by Holly Everman, later Karly Jameson), a native of Utah, who is abumbling yet well-intentioned blue-collar worker; she has also found employment and avocation as a freelance author, notary and real estate agent. Her overconfidence and trusting nature often leads her into getting involved in complex schemes that Angie does not recognize as criminal or irresponsible until it is too late.

Tabby and Shushu are the respective diabolical dog and cat of ambiguous sexual orientation who have adult mannerisms and uses sterotypical archvillain phrases while Heather is teh witty, smoking, cocktail-swilling, sarcastic, English-speaking crab, though Tabby, Shushu, and Heather are still considered pets in many ways.

Ava and Angie have nine children (eight are living): transgendered son Tom Willis (voiced by Pauly Shore, later Leonard Lai), Deanna Willis (voiced by Candis Cayne, later Rachael Passalt), sextuplets (three sons Brian Willis, Ron Willis, and Stuart Willis; daughters Emilie Willis, Hillary Willis, and Luanne Willis), and daughter Brynn Willis (respectively voiced by Tim Doogan, Ava Zinn, Alexandra Moffitt, Jacqui Fountaine, Andrea Coolranch, Donna Doogan and Maribel Mort). Tom was an often-bullied teenage transgendered boy that was constantly ridiculed or ignored by the family until his death in the fifth season episode Quillsville Cold Case. Deanna, the transgendered daughter, is an awkward young adult who is generally friendly and well-liked, but not very bright, and often prone to making bad decisions, and in many respects is simply a younger version of her father. Brian, Emilie, Hillary, Luanne, Ron, and Stuart were born in the third season episode And Then There Were 13!. Brynn was born in the sixth season episode Moving On after the marriage counselor Lynsay Gerardo got prenant by Ava in Therapist Hopping 2. Ava also has four children from three previous relationships: a daughter, Breeanna Sellars with Christiana Sellars (voiced by Marla McClinton), a son and a daughter, Stan and Dominique with Brittani Hicks; and a son Dylan Porter with Alisan Porter. Deanna later marries Brandi Sousa (voiced by Crystal Bowersox, later Karly Jameson), a layabout who lives on the commissions she earns from real estate deals and gives Ava and Angie their first grandchild, Tessanne.

Throughout the series, Ava's nephew Austen Willis, the son of her brother Albert Willis and his alcoholic and scheming ex-wife Julie Crawford, and their dog, Baxter/Bianca, lives with the Willis family. Naive and very eal, Bianca was orginally encouraged to move out by her Aunt Ava, but over time, he accepts her and Austen as a member of the family. Bianca and Austen later respectively marries an unnamed transguy and girl in the eighth season.

Ava has a healthy relationship with her father, Harry Willis (voiced by David Caruso), a kind man who lives in Iowa. Ava is, at first, uncomfortable with her father being gay after he begins dating Clyde Claussen (voiced by Lai, later Phil Allen), a Muslim transman, but she is more reasonable when he marries Finola Atkinson (voiced by Finola Hughes). In contrast, Ava has a love/hate relationship with her neck-less mother, Master Educator Peggy Willis (voiced by Zinn), a hateful middle school and high school teacher who verbally abused Harry and Albert, and unapproving of Ava's gender transition during their marriage, leading to their divorce. Peggy, who spends most of her time at strip joints, later marries the much younger Charlie Harvey (voiced by Ted Shields, later Hunter Diaz), a candy striper who attended kindergarten when Ava was already an adult. Together, Peggy and Charlie have a daughter, "A.A." ("Amazing Ava"), who bears a striking resemblance to Deanna.

Angie, meanwhile had a love/hate relationship with her stepfather, Ned Shanks, over the religous views. In contrast, she has a healthy relationship with her mother Lisa Shanks, a kind woman who lives in Marion, Indiana. She divorces Ned in the fourth season episode "Sexist Father". Angie discovers in the fourth season episode Revenge of the Male Anchors 2 that longtime Indianapolis news anchor Bob Donaldson is the biological father of Angie Willis, and accepts him, his wife Skye, and his three children, Laura, Drew, and Sarah. Donaldson and Ava's cousin Diane Willis co anchor at Fox 11 Quillsville.

Other main characters include Ava's friends and their families. Melissa Rose (voiced by Alexis Arquette, later Kendra Ray) is the Willis' paranoid next-door neighbor and Ava's best friend. As a result of her paranoia, she does not trust the government or "the system". She owns her own medical practice performing sex reassignment surgeries on both humans and animals, and she is also a licensed bounty hunter and president of the Quillsville Mace Club. Melissa is married to Stephanie Rose (nee Dawson) (voiced by Robyn Hurd, later Kylie Dwyar), a weather girl—and later anchor woman—for the Channel 24 news and since season 8, at the new CBS 40. The only Rose child, Connie (voiced by Nichole Birky; later Karly Jameson and Alexandra Moffitt) is the result of Stephanie's 15-year-long affair with Reginald John (voiced by Luka Runecraft), a Native American healer. Their affair is obvious to everyone except Melissa and Angie, who suspects nothing, idealizing her philandering wife and considering Reginald John one of her best friends. Stephanie does break it off with Reginald John in the sixth season episode Stephanie Does Michiana. Melissa is so utterly oblivious that when someone finally tells her the truth, she denies it. She decides instead that the reason Connie looks so very un-Melissa-like is because aliens genetically modified the sperm which they had stolen from her (prior to her own gender transition) in order to secretly impregnate Stephanie. Connie's personality definitely resembles Melissa's: naive and not too bright, Connie likewise believes that Melissa is her biological father (though unlike Melissa, she eventually finds out). Whenever she has a problem, she seeks advice from her best friend, Deanna, and together they get into trouble as a result of their combined enthusiasm and naivety.

Living across from the Willis family was Quillsville Police Seargeant Tiffani Donovan (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt), an anorexic underweight, divorced, and clinically depressed woman. Tiffani was unlucky in love, though she finds near-success with several men and women, including the fictionalised daughter of former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan. The series briefly depicted her entering into a long-term relationship with Lando's father, though later format changes would retcon this. Throughout the series, she often expresses an unrequited attraction to Angie, which she occasionally uses to rope Tiffani into her schemes. Despite her popularity in high school, she was seen as a loser. Tiffani was a former a Sergeant in the United States Marines, where she gave haircuts to soldiers and currently to police officers.

Anna Pamhouser (voiced by Ava Zinn), known simply as "Pamhouser", also lived across from the Willis. Pamhouser was a slim chauvanist whose mutterings are hard to understand to the audience, but easily understood by her friends and most other characters. Despite her gibberish speech, she sang clearly; she also spoke fluent French. Her occupation was not explicitly stated; a single line early in the series indicates she was an electrician living on worker's comp. The sixth season finale revealed that she was a Indiana State Trooper. Her given name, "Anna", was not revealed until the fifth season.

Early in the series, the Abhrams, an upper-middle class Laotian family, move in next-door to the Willis. The family consists of the materialistic transman Lando (voiced by Leonard Lai), his social-climber wife Lilly (voiced by Karly Jameson), and their teenage daughter, Jen, Jr., or "Trevelle" (voiced by Candis Cayne; later Rachael Passalt). Lando, born female and transitioned to male—fled poverty in Laos to become a successful businessman in America—was often at odds with his neighbors, believing them to be hillbillies and rednecks due to their lower socioeconomic status. Lilly often became involved in activities with Angie, Stephanie, and later Jennifer and Christiana, whom she looks down on as uncivilized and ignorant, despite still considering them her best friends. Trevelle had been pushed by her father to become a child prodigy and excels at a variety of things from academics to music, though she rejects her father's materialism and judgmental nature. She developed a relationship with Tom that blossoms into romance over the the series before Tom's death. Trevelle often accompanied Deanna and Connie on their misadventures as a neglected voice of reason. Tiffani, Pamhouser, Lando, Lilly, and Trevelle die in the season 7 four-part episode "The Rape of Heather Willis."

In season 8, Kendra Kendall (Zinn) and her transgendered husband, Miles (Luka Runecraft) from Hoosier Anchorwoman!, Alisan Porter (herself), and Karly Jameson (herself) move in next door to the Willis. Kendra moves back to Quillsville from Michiana Falls while Alisan Porter moved back to Quillsville from Worchester, Massachuttess and Karly Jameson moves from Speedway to Quillsville.

Other minor characters include former Quillsville mayor Lee Kelso; Tina Craven (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt), Ava's licentious boss at Craven Gifts until the end of season 7; Jane Jill (voiced by Alexandra Moffitt) and Adrienne Fansler (Breeanna Sorensen), Ava's co-workers at Craven; Principal Eric Halvorson (voiced by himself), Tom and Deanna's principal at Kennth "Babyface" Edmonds Regional High School; Lynsay Gerardo (voiced by Ashley Gardner). Additional minor characters include Nicole Pence, who becomes Quillsville's mayor after Lee Kelso resigns, Quillsville police officers.