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The 60-second vomiting scene in the kitchen, along with Therapist Hopping 2's bathroom and living room scenes as well as and Ten Years to Life's bedroom scene was reused in the tenth season premiere of Vote for the Girls with Ava Zinn & Alexandra Moffitt for a series of YouTube cross-over videos promoting Vote for the Girls's supported contestants. The vomiting scene was reused in the fourth season live action series Caprice & Ella miniseries "Breaking Boiling Point" in which Heather's voice actress Ava Zinn (as herself in live-action form) after she finds out that the apartment would not be ready in time.

In the bathroom scene, Heather considers voting for the fellow other contestants: Milo Manheim on the twenty seventh season of Dancing with the Stars (instead of Evanna Lynch and Alexis Ren). In that episode, Tabby and Shushu brutally beats up Heather for her different votes, in their respective videos, asking "Where's my Vote for the Girls Pick?" and forces Heather to vote for female contestants. Heather vomits for 60 seconds after learning Lindsey Sterling and Normani Hamilton did not win DWTS. Also in that episode, when Heather thinks about who she is voting for on AGT, neither Shushu nor Tabby doesn't beat Heather up and Tabby instead says, "Oh, fuck this. I'm not doing one for fucking America's Got Talent," referring to the fact that VFTG is unsuccessful with AGT.