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"Back Home Again" was directed by Season Atkins and was written by Jacqueline Roberts.[1] Several years after the episode was written, in DVD commentary for the eighth and ninth season of the show, Jacqueline Roberts (now going by Jacqui Fountiane), the writer of the episode, recalled that the original title of the episode was intended to be simply "Heather & Rags", but was changed by series creator and executive producer Ava Zinn, who wanted there to be a "Back Home Again in" episode each season. The name of the episode was then changed to "Back Home Again in Indiana".

This is the first episode of the "Back Home Again in" episodes of the series which air through various seasons of the show. The episodes are a parody of the state song.[2] Zinn and series co-creator Holly Everman came up with the idea. The musical number in the episode is sung to the tune of "Back Home Again in Indiana" .[2]
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