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Template:Template doc page viewed directly A navigation box that presents its content in columns. Originally intended to provide a relatively straightforward means to align links prefixed by flag icons, e.g. in templates offering links to country articles.

Basic syntax

Only required parameters and width included.

{{Navbox with columns
|name  = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|title = 
|width = (width of each column, preferably in a proportional unit such as 'em'*)
|col1  = 
|col2  = 

* See Em (typography). Using proportional units means the template should still be displayed correctly across a range of browser font-sizes. If width not specified, a default 10em is used.


Required parameters in bold.

name The name of the template. The name of this template, for example, is "Navigation with columns".</tr> state Possible values are collapsed, uncollapsed, and the default autocollapse.</tr> titlestyle CSS style/s to apply to titlebar; usually background:color (background defaults to NavHead default).</tr> title The title of the template, displayed centered in the titlebar at the top of the template.</tr> bodystyle CSS style/s to apply to the template's body (i.e. including space not used by columns)</tr> abovestyle CSS style/s to apply to the above parameter.</tr> above Text or other elements to appear above the columns.</tr> image Image to the right of all of the columns.</tr> imageleft Image to the left of all of the columns.</tr> width Width, preferably in a proportional unit such as 'em', used for each column whose width not specified by colNwidth below. Defaults to 10em.</tr> padding Padding before first column, preferably in a proportional unit. Defaults to 5em.</tr> colstyle CSS style/s to apply across all columns; if used, usually background:color per titlestyle above.</tr> oddcolstyle CSS style/s to apply to all odd-numbered columns (again, if used, usually background:color).</tr> evencolstyle CSS style/s to apply to all even-numbered columns (ditto).</tr> col1width First column's width (overrides width above).</tr> col1style CSS style/s to apply to the first column.</tr> col1 First column's content.</tr> col2width Second column's width (overrides width above).</tr> col2style CSS style/s to apply to the second column.</tr> col2 Second column's content.</tr> col3width Third column's width (overrides width above).</tr> col3style CSS style/s to apply to the third column.</tr> col3 Third column's content.</tr> ...... ......</tr> col10width Tenth and final column's width (overrides width above).</tr> col10style CSS style/s to apply to the tenth and final column.</tr> col10 Tenth and final column's content.</tr> belowstyle CSS style/s to apply to the below parameter.</tr> below Text or other elements to appear below the columns.</tr> category The category or categories to which a page including the template will become a member. Avoid using, as such categories not shown in the code of a page transcluding the template.</tr>



{{Navigation with columns
|name    = East Asia Summit (EAS)
|title   = Member states of the [[East Asia Summit|East Asia Summit (EAS)]]
|cols    = 4
|width   = 18.25em
|padding = 10em

|above = ''This is where the {{{above}}} would appear.''

|col1 = {{AUS}}<br/> {{BRU}}<br/> {{CAM}}<br/> {{IND}}
|col2 = {{IDN}}<br/> {{JPN}}<br/> {{LAO}}<br/> {{MAS}}
|col3 = {{MYA}}<br/> {{NZL}}<br/> {{CHN-PRC}}<br/> {{PHI}}
|col4 = {{SIN}}<br/> {{KOR}}<br/> {{THA}}<br/> {{VIE}}

|belowstyle = padding-top:0.5em;
|below = '''Potential future members'''{{spaces|6}}{{TLS}}{{spaces|3}}{{RUS}}


Template:Navigation with columns

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