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{{Marriage}} takes up to three unnamed parameters – plus either, both or neither of the named parameters |()= and |end= – to produce output such as the following:

Jane Doe (m. 18951905)
Fred Smith (m. 2010)
Jack Ripper (m. 1885–88)
Frank Lee & Aynee Text (m. 2002–13)

The above were produced by:

{{marriage |[[John Doe|Jane Doe]] |1 January 1895 |December 31, 1905}}
{{marriage |Fred Smith |()=smaller |2010}}
{{marriage |Jack Ripper |1885 |July 27, 1888}}
{{marriage|()=small |Frank Lee & Aynee Text |2002 |2013}}

Syntax and parameters[edit]

{{marriage [|()=]|<text>|<start date>|<end date>[|end=]}}

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